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In every moment we have a power to create all our experiences in life and they are created by our exercising the power of choice. In all things there are choices to make and the results of these choices will lead to the nature of your experience.  It applies to everything and everybody our choices define our lives.

Simple choices

It all begins with the simple choices in life. Should I sleep in an extra 10 minutes? Or Should I get up and choice 33attack the day? This choice could make a difference in what you experience in a small way or in a large one. The routine choices we make each day have the potential to have a huge impact on our lives. If we choose to take a certain route to work, or perform a certain task and that leads to a physical injury then we have chosen to put ourselves in that situation.

It is also a choice to look at our responsibility for things. We are all going to experience things which are not so great in life. Taking responsibility for our choices can be difficult but once you do, leaving almost any problem behind and being proactive in your actions will come naturally.

It’s all How You React

There are some things in life that happen which we have no real control over. There are crimes choices 22committed against people’s will all the time. Our choices were not to be a part of that, but we are and our choices start at the point we become involved. It doesn’t matter if we are involved in a flood, a crime or the breakup in a relationship. Our choices are constantly ours from the moment we become involved. How you choose to react is in fact your personal decision. Does it make you stronger? Or Does it destroy you?

How you react to all of your experiences is going to define your life. We build walls of separation to make sure that we are never vulnerable to being hurt again. Eventually though the walls of separation become so many it can be difficult to connect in any real way at all. So it is time to  make a choice, drop the barriers or keep them up. If you are lonely the barriers that you have created are going to be the reason. It is hard to find somebody to spend time with, let alone one who can manage the gymnastics necessary to get over and through the barriers you have built around yourself.  Drop them, it will be much easier.

Power in Vulnerability

When the barriers we have built to protect us are dropped, of course there is a vulnerability there. It is our choices1choice to be vulnerable and to be at risk of being hurt. All games involve risk, there is a risk in staying inside your barriers, there is a risk in dropping your resistance to change.

There is a risk in all situations in life and being open enough to accept whatever comes your way, may just lead to the greatest reward. It is all up to the choices that you make. Being vulnerable is not a bad thing, it is only a thing. To live is to make decisions based on the information we have. Live big and take a chance on your goals or live small and take no chances and live inside of your safe cocoon. There is always a chance of pain, but there is always a chance of something greater.

Choice is Always Yours

Choose and live your life!!
Choose and live your life!!

The choices in your life are happening all the time. You made a decision to read this, now you decide if you listen or if you agree with any of these thoughts, then what you do about it. Choose to ignore it. Choose to be moved by it. Choose to write a reply. Whatever decision you make it is yours and yours alone. This choice and every subsequent decision will determine the day that you experience. The choice is always and will always be yours and yours alone. Take responsibility for your choices and allow life to happen. Experience it and don’t let it destroy you. Let it make you strong and wise.