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Positive Thought Project

Power- the ability to do something or act in a particular way, especially as a faculty or quality.

Each of us has the power to affect the world. We may not be conscious of it but it exists.  Allowing you to overcome the feelings of being powerless.  If you listen to the media message sent to you every day, it is designed to make you feel powerless and helpless. Events are reported to make the world seem big, scary and out of the realm of your safe little world.  That is a perspective advantageous to industry and sales.  If you feel powerless, you look for comfort, buy things you don’t need, do what you’re told to do to protect yourself.  In short, it is easy to manipulate a person who feels powerless and weak.  Worry comes directly from this belief.  But you have power and can affect how you look at and act with life.

Seeing Your Power

Your power does not come from the things that you own, but it arrives from who you are.  It is the choices that you make every day which define you.  Decisions made every day without a conscious thought define much of your life.  Look at your decisions and only choose the ones you want to represent you.  These are the choices you know are for the greater good.  Trust there is a larger purpose that can be served by your simple, positive choices every day.  Then take responsibility for your choices and your ability to make a positive difference in your life and the world.

Your power will influence others, even if you don’t see it.  That influence will be positive or negative depending on the tenor of your thoughts throughout your day.  Do you see the danger in every conversation? Do you see a potential enemy in others?  Or do you see the opportunity for kindness, and creating an ally?  Which way your thought pattern falls, dictates your power.  Are you creating positively or negatively?  Power is yours every moment of every day.  The rest of the story

Curiosity to Learn


Positive Thought Project 

Curiosity– a strong desire to know or learn something.

There are a lot of conflicting thoughts on curiosity. Some embrace it, some fear it, others discourage it. But to me, all of the best learners and innovators have a healthy dose of curiosity in their being.  It provides them the motivation to seek the answers solving the problems we have every day. I think we should be as curious as children, always seeking new learning, because it is always there. Learn to cultivate your curiosity and wonder about everything and you will never be bored.  It all begins with the consciousness you have around curiosity. The thoughts you entertain lead to the words you speak, and the actions you take.  Curiosity will allow you to move in new directions and experience new things. Use common sense in this pursuit.

Questions are Your Guides

Never get to the point in life you don’t ask questions.  Curiosity always leads to wondering why things are the way they are. Questions move your attention in the direction of finding answers.  Questions always allow you to move in a direction where information is available.  Learning to ask the right questions will allow you to take active control of your life.  Simple questions like: How can I be more fit and healthy?  Or how can I be a better person? Can lead you down a path of action that will improve your life, just by answering these questions and taking simple action.

We would all like to think that we know all that we need to know.  It would be safe and secure and then we would have perceived control of this journey through life. The truth is that we have very little control and questions will lead your curiosity to find answers about the value of all experiences.  Curiosity gives you the strength to seek all possibilities that exist and with each possibility comes more power. And that power comes from the choices you make.  There is also a bit of danger as well because you never know what the answers are going to bring.


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A bag is defined as 1) a container material with an opening at the top, used for carrying things, 2) an assortment or collection especially of nonmaterial things.

My bare arms and legs were exposed in my shorts and t-shirt on the cold tiled floor as I lay grasping at the last moment of the coolness from the shadowed floor. The hard coffee-colored tile of the landing was a comfort to the increasingly warm spring morning on the island. As I lay on the floor I am lost in my thoughts of the morning at the park. Across the street was an escape from the chores of having to clean my room or do the dishes, we could fly on the magic carpet of the swing set, climb the Grand Canyon of the monkey bars, or slip on the glaciers of the slide never actually having experienced the moment…

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Create with Your Words

Word- something that someone says or writes; a remark or piece of information.

wordOne of the three things I think you have to focus on in order to raise your level of consciousness are the words you use every day.  Work use is important to the actions that you take, and the feelings, thoughts, and actions you create in others and in yourself. How you speak can make someone more confident and empowered or it can destroy someone’s confidence and abilities just as easily.  The choice of your words can also dictate the life you grow, either positive or negative.  Today I am putting your focus on each word you use today.  Is it helpful? Is it harmful? What exactly is the purpose of this thought?  It all begins with looking at your thoughts,  which lead to your words, and of course, lead to feelings and actions in your life.   Most importantly, let’s look at the words you are using every day.

The Words are Magic

Just for a day, really focus on the words you use.  Why do you say things the way that you do?  There is a reason you speak to someone the way you do. Is there a trust or a distrust of this person.   Words are the manner in which we either clearly or not so clearly let the world understand our thoughts.  That wordcan be a scary proposition for some people.  Words can be helpful but they can be extremely harmful as well.  A relationship can be destroyed, trust can be ruined or someone can be saved through the words we use.  Trust can be built when our words are backed up with reliable action.

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Standards Set Your Bar

Positive Thought Project 

Standards- a level of quality or attainment.

There is a level of behavior we will accept in any situation. These are our personal standards.  Our standards exist in our relationships, our careers, and ourselves and the level of quality we accept is the level of quality we will be defined by.  Today the challenge is to look at the standards you are accepting in all phases of your life.  Is it time to raise the standards of what you expect?  This can only be discovered if you are more conscious of exactly what your standards of behavior are.  It begins by looking at your thoughts, the resulting emotions, the words you use, and the actions that you take consciously every day.  What are your standards?  Are there things you can no longer accept? Change is an inevitable part of life, if you are not happy with the way things are going it is time to change.  The Rest of the Story


Are You a Giant?

Positive Thought Project

Giant- an imaginary or mythical being of human form but superhuman size.

giantsAre you a giant? What if we were all giants? There are opportunities which exist every day to accomplish goals, take positive actions, or just help someone find what they are looking for in life.  These things are easy for a giant to do in this world.  Today, you can become a giant, maybe not in physical stature but in how you look at your life and the lives of others that you interact with.   Becoming a giant is possible when you focus on the thoughts you think, the emotions they produce, the words that result, and the actions that you take in all situations.  Today you may just be a giant.

Be Their Giant

When you are down, for whatever reason, anyone who encourages you is a giant to you. Look for the people who you know that could use some positive encouragement today and give it to them.  It is a giant action to giantsshow kindness to others and it doesn’t cost you a thing but to be more empathetic to someone else than you normally are.  Random acts of kindness are great and specifically directed acts of kindness are even better.

Look around you and see where your giant acts of kindness can be applied. See a person that is sad and give them a reason to be cheerful. If someone is discouraged,  find a way to encourage them.  A compliment, a smile, a kind recognition about them, or anything you can think of to do that will make the existence of another human being a better experience.  That would make you a giant today in the eyes of whomever you can help. That person may just be yourself.  Giants do this.  The rest of the story

Karma, Karma, Karma

Positive Thought Project

Karma– the sum of a person’s actions in this existence, viewed as deciding their fate in the future.

“Life is a  boomerang. What you give you get.” ~ Dale Carnegie

We are all in control of the energy we give to the world each day. It begins with the thoughts we decide to pay attention to in our minds these become the words that we speak and the actions we perform. These things determine what we give to and  get back from life.  Like a boomerang the energy, you decide to send out will come back to you, always, inevitably and usually with interest. That’s Karma.  You control the energy in your life by the thoughts you entertain, which lead to emotions, which lead to words and lead to actions.  These things determine your karma, are you conscious of them in your life today?

Give and You will Receive

One of the true paradoxes of life is that when you give, you receive in return. This can be a problem when you look at what you have and think that there are so many things that you need for yourself. You just don’t see a way that you can give, but it is there. Giving is the path to receiving and

When you give, you are open to receiving

giving with an open heart and giving spirit is key. Try to develop the attitude of giving without worrying about what the return is. The return will be great.

It is positive energy to give and goes against the worry of lack that plagues most people. Fear that we will not have our needs met, and will have to go without. But what exactly are we going to go without? An extra coffee each day?  It doesn’t even take a lot to get this energy working for you, give a little with no expectation of return and see what you get. Be conscious of your experience and what results from your choices, it will surprise you. Karma always will. Good or bad.   The Rest of the Story

Success A Few Questions Away

Positive Thought Project 

Success– the accomplishment of an aim or purpose.

success questionsSuccess is something all people aspire to. It is the signal that our efforts have been allowing us to move forward to achieving the things we want in our lives.  Accomplishments could be personal or professional but one of the best ways to guide yourself toward success is to ask yourself the right questions about how you are progressing each day.  This is a shift in consciousness for most people. Either you are drifting on a river going where life takes you or you are steering your raft in the direction of your success.  The paddle you steer is the questions you ask yourself.  It starts with a conscious awareness of your thoughts, emotions, words, and actions in pursuit of your desired purpose and questions that will take you there.

Why Questions Build Success

Questions are a tool that can change your whole focus in your day.  Asking the right questions is going to provide focus and direction for a day. There is a reason you should question yourself.  First, a question will immediately change your focus, and changing that focus to a goal will bring answers to success questionsyou. What can I do today to help move me closer to a dream, goal or objective?  Where focus goes energy flows.

What action can I take to become wealthier today?  What things can I do to build better relationships? What activities will make me happy today?  Each question will put your focus on that thing and even if you don’t know for sure what to do, suggestions will come to your mind.  Usually a lot of them.  Then you can whittle them down to the ones that you feel are valuable to your growth path.  Usually the first ones that come to your mind are pretty poignant.  It is good to be open to all options and not dismiss potential answers automatically.  Weigh your focused suggestions carefully, then choose the best actions.  Of course to really accomplish anything and make use of those questions, your answers need to be followed up with actions. Action makes everything happen.   The rest of the story


Smile, It Might Change The World

Positive Thought Project

Smile- form one’s features into a pleased, kind, or amused expression, typically with the corners of the mouth turned up and the front teeth exposed.

When you look at life today there is a choice. You can think of the difficult things or you can focus on the things that make you smile.  There is a physical reaction that takes place when you smile, endorphins are released into your brain and you actually feel better. Even if you didn’t have anything to smile about, smiling by itself improves your mood.  Now imagine all of the things you do have to smile about and that mood of yours will become downright positive.  It begins with a focus on your smile and the thoughts, feelings, words, and actions that result from it.  Let’s find your reasons to smile today. Sometimes it just takes a smile to change the world.

You are Amazing

Let’s start with the fact that you are amazing. That should put a smile on your face! Think of the things which make you, uniquely you. The way you encourage others like nobody else can. The way you speak, sing, dance, run, think, feel, read, find, or any other thing you do uniquely, like no other person in the world.  You bring a unique and dynamic presence to life and life is a better experience because you are a part of it.

Think of the many times that your smile has made someone else smile in response. this is because you are simply amazing and your outward appearance of a kind and/or amused expression is enough to make other people feel good inside.  So remember all of the amazing things about yourself and make the world smile today! (And smile on the inside yourself)

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Happy World Kindness Day

You are that one

Raising My Consciousness One Word at a Time.

Kindness-The quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate.

People are faced with many challenges each and every day. There are expectations for performance from ourselves, our bosses or teachers that make each moment seem like it is not enough.  Today, even in those times of complete business, let your focus shift from what you have to do to the small acts of kindness you can be responsible for today.  It begins by paying attention to the focus of your thoughts as you look at others in the world today. Focus on being kind, it will correspond with emotions, words, and actions that are spreading your kindness to others. It begins with your thoughts.

Make Kindness Your Focus

Kindness costs nothing and makes everything in the world better. That is a fact that is indisputable. Time invested in being kind to others or to yourself will have positive rewards for your life. If nothing else, it will make your perspective brighter and increase your own positive thoughts and feelings. This will make your life a more enjoyable experience and all because you decided to practice kindness in your life and make being kind, a focus of your day.

Kindness is Contagious

Like the most popular viral video you can think of, kindness has the ability to spread from one person to another.  Each small act of kindness has within it the possibility of sparking kindness in another.  If you make the choice to say the kind word or do the kind deed, there is no telling how far that act may go.  It may allow someone else to see the value of kindness and practice it as well.  And that, in turn, may lead someone else to focus on kindness too.  So your kind thought or act can ripple through the world and affect people you have never met in a positive way.  The same can be said for being unkind.  So choose your words and deeds well.     More Kindness

Create Good Intentions

Daily Positive Thought- 

Intention- a thing intended; an aim or plan.

All that we have ever done or ever will do, it has begun with the creation of an intention. Someone has set a resolve in their life to do or accomplish something and then taken action to make that thing come into reality. Without the initial power of intention, there is no way that someone gets started on a path at all. This is true of all things, from a major change in career to building a relationship or inventing some new process, substance or product. It all starts with an intention to do it.  What intentions are you setting today? Focus on the intentions you have in your thoughts, words, and actions today.

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Struggle Leads to Growth

Positive Thought Project 

Struggle- make forceful or violent efforts to get free of restraint or constriction.

Life will never be easy all the time. If it was people would never develop the skills they need to give their talents to the world.  Struggle exists in all facets of our lives both personally and professionally.  It is human nature to want to avoid these obstacles because it would be easier without them. But easy is not always good and it is important to be thankful for the struggles we face because all of them bring with them an opportunity to become a better version of ourselves. We are always given a choice to let the struggle we face dictate the action of our lives or to let our lives dictate how we defeat the struggle.  It begins with being conscious of your struggles and the opportunity they are providing to you.  This begins with the thoughts, words, and actions you take to overcome these barriers, grow and develop.    

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No Limits in Life

Positive Thought Project

Limit- a point or level beyond which something does not or may not extend or pass.

LimitWhat can you do in life? What can you achieve?  What is the absolute limit of your potential?  These questions we are asking ourselves at least subconsciously from our earliest moments of life. It is the answers that we perceive that build this tapestry of our belief.  Woven into the fabric of this belief are our perceptions of how smart we are, how creative or how talented in a certain area we think we are .  Mixed in there are all of our perceived limits in every area of our lives. It is important to realize that these images are just an illusion.  We are only limited by our thinking and the beliefs we choose to give power to. Most people happily accept their limits and live their lives never stretching beyond them.  I am urging you to look at what is limiting you in your life and make a conscious choice to see what lies beyond them. It begins with an awareness of your thoughts, words, and actions when it comes to your perception of your own personal limits.   (Video)    The rest of the Story 

Build a Better Mindset

Positive Thought Project

Mindset      ~ the established set of attitudes held by someone.

mindsetTo fully take advantage of our talents, time and actions it is important to know that our mindset will provide the attitude leading to the results we see in life. Once something is set in your mind you have no choice but to make that thing happen. Look at what your mindset is when it comes to finances, relationships, or life in general. This evaluation will reveal to you why your life is the way it is. The way you think about yourself and your abilities is the biggest boost or barrier to accomplishing anything.  It all begins with a conscious awareness of your thoughts, words, and actions based on your current mindset.  (Video)

Why Reading is Important

Positive Thought Project

Read~  look at and comprehend the meaning of (written or printed matter) by mentally interpreting the characters or symbols of which it is composed.

readAll of us are given a mind and it is up to us and the choices we make to expand the abilities of this tool or we let it wilt away over time.  In fact, the ability to read is probably the most powerful skill a person can master. Not only does it improve your imagination and comprehension you have the ability to learn anything at all a book can provide to you.  This relationship to information is far more personal than learning through listening or watching. Reading is an all-encompassing experience with the knowledge that you are dealing with.  To take advantage of this all you have to do is make an effort to find sources with the information you are interested in and read it.  It all begins with a conscious awareness of making an effort to read each day. To read becomes a focus in your thoughts, words, and actions and that will change your life for the better.

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