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Don’t Worry

If all things come at the right time, then why do we constantly worry about the future?

You can choose to worry if you want to. You can also choose not to worry.
You can choose to worry if you want to. You can also choose not to worry.

Worry is just thoughts we have that make us feel like we are involved in the decision-making process. Some people feel like worrying will keep away all results that are perceived as negative. Some people feel like worrying will prevent them from being disappointed.  I think that all you can do is live your life, worry if you want but it won’t do any good.  I think all things do come at the exact right time, it is just that the clock is not run by what is easiest for us. It is what is best, sometimes hard lessons are best, and that can hurt, but it is always a choice how you respond to any event.  Worry if you want to, but I have found worrying a waste o

f time.      


Causing the Pain

smile today
Be the reason someone smiles today

We all have a choice each day how we are going to help or hurt the experience of other people. The decision to be kind, supportive, helpful and accepting is just as easy as choosing gossip, silence, judgment or cruelty to others.

This is the simplest choice that we make to either honor ourselves or not. What choices are you making today? What kindness did you spread to others? Were you responsible for someone’s daily pain?

Hate Dis-ease


Why Is Fear Important?

Fear is a toxic substance we’ve been force fed throughout the course of our lives. Spreading sluggishly through our system, the viscous substance seeps in and clogs every chamber of our hearts. Our fear level has a lot to do with our chances of getting hate disease. The higher the fear, the greater the risk for developing hate disease.

Hate disease is the number one killer of peace and unity in the “United” States of America. Each year, more than a million Americans have media-induced hysteria attacks, and about a half million people are crucified from hate disease.

How Does Fear Cause Hate Disease?: 

When there is too much fear (a tar-like substance) in our society, it builds up walls of separation. Over time, this buildup causes “hardening of the arteries” so that arteries become narrowed and love flow to humanity is slowed down or blocked.

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Rule #12 For Life

Follow the Golden Rule —

golden-ruleYesterday, I was reminded how simple our philosophy of life should be. We should all be treating others based on the way we would like to be treated. If we all followed this pattern of behavior, many of the world’s problems would be eliminated easily. However, as we all know there are sometimes things that get in the way of putting the golden rule into practice. Here are a few explanations and thoughts on how to make sure that you are following the golden rule and doing your part to make sure the world is a better place. More Here 

Rule for life #8

Rules for Life #8

no_gossip_by_roxasgirly1-462x480Avoid Gossip, it is the food of small minds. If you aren’t speaking to someone, don’t speak negatively about them.

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Rules for Life 2

Rules for Life #2

honestyAlways Be Honest-How much is your integrity worth?  What can you gain by being dishonest that you can truly enjoy?  If your word is worth nothing then neither are you.

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Rules for Life 4

Ten-Rules-Of-Life1Rules for Life #4

Never Let What Others Think, Stop You from Doing Anything.  If you are outside of your comfort zone you are probably growing.  And growth is preferable to the alternative.

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Kyle Cease Changing Perspectives

new perspectives
“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” – Wayne Dyer

This is a great video on creating new perspectives from one of survival to a vision of abundance. Kyle Cease is a speaker/comedian who helps people develop their abilities. He believes these perspectives that come from inside us have control over our reality.

Understanding New Perspectives

There are things we love to do and talents we have in order to find our purpose in life.   Overcoming fear is important in our development.  He advocates creativity and imagination in order to overcome the limits that society puts on us. Feel complete as you are and being what you love, there is no fear. Things outside of you do not complete you. 

Let Your new perspectives help you develop your life experience. Your fears are merely an illusion.

The Story of Your Success

Paying the Cost for the Story of your Success

pppjjjjAll things of value are going to come at a cost. That is what makes an accomplishment something to treasure. That is why people are willing to work hard to be a success. Not everyone is willing to make sacrifices to become the best at what they do or to build the best company. Greatness has its price and chasing your dreams is something that you should do with every ounce of yourself because you only have this one chance. You can sleep later or get to work. You can watch Netflix or you can work. You can play computer games or you can work on your craft. It is all up to you. Remember there is only one chance to write the story of your life. You are in charge of the fuel that leads the effort.

Be positive today, you are worth it.

Why not?

Our  Ego

The negative voice in our head has had a lot of practice letting us know egowhat is possible and more often than not, what is not possible. This is a voice of our ego based on the conditioning of life.  From society, from our parents, teachers , peers, media and anyone else we have listened to since we came into this world. It has become a constant companion to stop you from doing something “dangerous” or feeling the pain of failure. Or more often than not, it is to allow you to fit in.

This egoic voice has been such a part of our lives that we don’t even notice it anymore, we simply accept the limits as “common sense” or “a fact”, when there is nothing logical or factual about limiting who you are. Ask yourself, why not?

Taking Action

Taking action
Full taking action thoughts here:
Taking action can be scary but it is the one thing you can do right now to move toward your goals.

An individual’s greatest power is that they have the ability to analyze a situation, determine if it is beneficial to them and then taking action to enhance the current situation or to move in a new direction. Taking action is one of the necessary factors in any success story. Most often the difference between those who are  successful and those who are not is the action that they take each day to move toward their goals. Want to write a book? Start writing. Want to build a car? Start building. Want to have love in your life? Start loving others. Making the conscious choice to take action is the most empowering thing that you can do.  Here are five benefits that taking action will bring into your life.

Taking Action Eliminates Fear

fear 33Human beings are always dreaming. What we can accomplish, who we want to be and the biggest thing stopping us is fear. Fear of failure, if we don’t find success then what? I don’t want to look foolish. Failure is the first step to achieving anything. Reevaluate, re-plan and try again, fearlessly through action. Fear of success, if you do become successful in your dream, then what? Action eliminates fear and will allow you to become what you dream of. Without action, nothing will ever happen. Taking action will eliminate fear, in fact, it is the only thing that can.

You Know Where You Stand by Taking Action

Until you test an idea or theory with action, you never know if it will work or not. So you can sit there where is standwith great dreams and plans, thinking how much money you will make or how famous you will be when this great “thing” is done. Take action and see if that book will sell, or that invention will make millions or that business can’t fail. Action will allow you to evaluate where you are and what work your dreams need in order to be great. Without action, the greatest ideas are just going to be castles in the air.

If you want to have a relationship with a particular person, if you never take the action to ask them out, you will never know what might happen. Action will display a measuring stick if the relationship is not going to happen you can stop wasting your time and move on to something more productive. Taking specific action toward your goal will reveal the reality of the situation and the distance still required to travel.

Thinking Outside the Box

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Since you are a great human soul and able to accomplish anything you want, don’t let

Don't be boxed in
Think outside the box

society put you in a box and restrain your power in any way.

From the day you go to school, they are going to try to teach you how to think.  Learn how to read, learn how to do math, learn what they tell you about history, but never forget that you are free to think any way that you want.

Think outside the box, all great things were accomplished outside of the box, not following someone else’s prescription for life.

Think creatively, and look for answers that nobody has ever thought of.  Be original in your thought, and you will find original solutions. The world needs much more of this than cookie cutter responses that an educator believes to be correct.  Don’t let them put you into a box, you are greater than that!

A Little Happiness For You

This is my gift to anyone who visits this blog, it is a quick little essay  of thoughts about being happy. Just enter information and it will take you to the gift quickly and painlessly. Enjoy and I wish you every happiness in the world.

My 12 Secrets to a Happy Life

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Happy Weekend Thoughts

Some thoughts for the weekend: Enjoy this beautiful weather.

“Letting go doesn’t mean that you don’t care about someone anymore. It’s just realizing that the only person you really have control over is yourself.” ― Deborah Reber

On Judgment

On Acceptance 

Defeat Your Enemy Within

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the enemy within Our worst critic is almost always in our own mind, that voice that tells us we can’t, shouldn’t or couldn’t possibly achieve what we would like to do. This is an outdated survival mechanism left over from our childhood that once served a purpose.  As you grow older the voice of criticism that you hear and entertain can destroy your confidence, lower your self-esteem and significantly limit what you are capable of achieving.  Get rid of that voice or at the least, pay very little attention to what it says. Here are a few of my favorite methods for limiting or eliminating the voice and learning to listen to positive  self-talk.

Notice How You Speak to Yourself

You need to start paying attention to what the voice is saying about you, self approvalyour appearance and your abilities. Ask a question and you will hear an answer in your mind: How do I look?

Will I be successful on that project?

How will that date go?

Will I get the job?

Or any of a thousand other questions, then listen to the answer. If it gives you a list of negative attributes that limit you, you have your answer. How do I look? You are too old, you have gray hair, you are too heavy, you have a scar on your forehead that nobody can possibly find attractive. You are ugly, you are not attractive to others.  This is a replay of things that I have thought about myself at some point in my life. All negative and all needs to be challenged with positive self-talk.

Change All the Answers

Change the answers by paying attention to how your value yourself. Recognize that the negative self-talk leads to negative emotions. It is difficult to build a positive image if you’re continually telling yourself how positive self-talkbad you are, how untalented you are, or how ugly and worthless you are. Change that around by focusing on your powerful personal characteristics. A great question is to ask yourself, would I speak to a young child this way? If you wouldn’t then don’t speak to yourself in that negative tone. Changing is as easy as choosing a different thought. If you aren’t going to be positive about yourself, who is?

I think it is important to decide what you want in life. If you want to feel powerless and feel bad then continue to be your worst critic. If you are ready to destroy the enemy within then start to create some positive affirmations that have truth and emotional attachment to them.  I am talented. I am good with money.  I am attractive.  Whatever point you usually destroy yourself on, build yourself up.

You are in control of the thoughts that you entertain and give power to. In order to raise your self-esteem and personal energy, you have to learn to speak to yourself in a more loving and accepting manner. Your greatest enemy and greatest ally are the same voice in your head and you dictate the tenor and level of kindness in that voice.

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