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Defeat Your Enemy Within

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the enemy within Our worst critic is almost always in our own mind, that voice that tells us we can’t, shouldn’t or couldn’t possibly achieve what we would like to do. This is an outdated survival mechanism left over from our childhood that once served a purpose.  As you grow older the voice of criticism that you hear and entertain can destroy your confidence, lower your self-esteem and significantly limit what you are capable of achieving.  Get rid of that voice or at the least, pay very little attention to what it says. Here are a few of my favorite methods for limiting or eliminating the voice and learning to listen to positive  self-talk.

Notice How You Speak to Yourself

You need to start paying attention to what the voice is saying about you, self approvalyour appearance and your abilities. Ask a question and you will hear an answer in your mind: How do I look?

Will I be successful on that project?

How will that date go?

Will I get the job?

Or any of a thousand other questions, then listen to the answer. If it gives you a list of negative attributes that limit you, you have your answer. How do I look? You are too old, you have gray hair, you are too heavy, you have a scar on your forehead that nobody can possibly find attractive. You are ugly, you are not attractive to others.  This is a replay of things that I have thought about myself at some point in my life. All negative and all needs to be challenged with positive self-talk.

Change All the Answers

Change the answers by paying attention to how your value yourself. Recognize that the negative self-talk leads to negative emotions. It is difficult to build a positive image if you’re continually telling yourself how positive self-talkbad you are, how untalented you are, or how ugly and worthless you are. Change that around by focusing on your powerful personal characteristics. A great question is to ask yourself, would I speak to a young child this way? If you wouldn’t then don’t speak to yourself in that negative tone. Changing is as easy as choosing a different thought. If you aren’t going to be positive about yourself, who is?

I think it is important to decide what you want in life. If you want to feel powerless and feel bad then continue to be your worst critic. If you are ready to destroy the enemy within then start to create some positive affirmations that have truth and emotional attachment to them.  I am talented. I am good with money.  I am attractive.  Whatever point you usually destroy yourself on, build yourself up.

You are in control of the thoughts that you entertain and give power to. In order to raise your self-esteem and personal energy, you have to learn to speak to yourself in a more loving and accepting manner. Your greatest enemy and greatest ally are the same voice in your head and you dictate the tenor and level of kindness in that voice.


Appreciate the Silence

When you are still you can hear the words the silence has to offer

From Jonathan Hilton Mind Connections

Is there anything quite as unique a silence? Look at your life and honestly count and evaluate the moments that you are experiencing absolute silence. To me, this is any time that you are completely devoid of any human created sound at all. No words, no machines, no music, no nothing but the natural sounds of the world. How many times during any given day does this happen? I can tell you that for me there are few moments of complete and utter silence for me. There is a value in the silence, that if you get used to it will allow you to put your mind at rest and allow you to talk with your deeper self who is hidden behind those words.

Silence Can Be Better than the alternative

Seek out your silent moments because they will provide more value to you than 95% of the noise that falls on your ears throughout the day. If you are watching television to get your news or entertainment silencethen I think we would all have a difficult time rating the value of the product you are watching to silence. In silence, there are no lies. Nobody is pushing an agenda to vie for control of your buying power or the fear you experience.

Some people talk an awful lot and say absolutely nothing worthwhile. Isn’t a silence better than listening to words that are disingenuous, hateful, gossiping, or just plain old negative? Why break a silence to participate in making the world a less positive place? There is a place and a time for everything, and silence needs to have its.

Silence The Mind

How do you silence the mind? This is where the practice of meditation comes in. I was always intimidated by the practice of meditation but in giving it a try, I have found it is easy. The best advice I got was that there is no way to really do it wrong. If you give it an honest effort you will reap some benefits. The goal of meditation is to quiet the incessant and continual discourse of thought that is occurring in your head all of the time.

Our brains are great at producing thought, but most of its work is not productive, supportive, kind,

of silence
There is no wrong way to find yourself in the silence.

constructive or clear. Most of our thoughts trip on each other and repeat loudly points of view we are well aware of or  thoughts of pure foolishness. When you slow your mind, you can monitor your thoughts and pick and choose the ones that you want to pay attention to and those that you would simply like to discard.

There are many different formats for meditation and I am no expert. Here is a simple method that will allow you to easily walk down the path of meditation. Simply inhale and count to four. Hold the breath and count to four. Exhale while counting to four. Repeat continually throughout the meditation time. Notice the thoughts you have, where they come from and most importantly is it a thought that honors you or not? If it does, pay attention to it. If it doesn’t then pay no more attention to it. Silence allows this to happen.

Sometimes It is The Best Gift

It is human nature to offer advice, state our opinions and make sure that we are clear about where we stand on all issues we are exposed to. Sometimes, though, the best thing we can do is keep our mouths closed and simply silently listen.  Our presence has a power and often times just being there listening, giving a person your support is the best thing that you can contribute to another person.

A hand to hold or a shoulder to cry on or an ear to listen with is a great gift that you can give someone. If they are sincerely working through something, they do not have to hear a judgment from you or listen to your opinion about what the next action or reaction should be. Silence allows you to accept them as they are and be there as a friend.  Silence accepts all and allows a feeling of acceptance.

Look for moments of complete silence in your day, where no voice, music or machine can be heard in your life. Focus on the moment you are in and listen to what the silence sounds like. You will find some things in the silence you didn’t know you were missing.

No one dares disturb the sounds of silence……..

Let the Love In

Choose Wisely

Each day is a choice between love and fear. You decide to create the attitude that you share with the Best Day of the yearworld and in that attitude is an energy that will pervade your life. Fear is present in each moment because all people are concerned about what might be taken from them, safety, love, family, money, possessions or anything else that is momentary. Yet fear is just a thought and 99.9% of the time it is a negative figment of your imagination that controls your life.  Those that are successful in enjoying the journey of life are able to put aside the fear and choose the loving thought or action in their day. The field of possibility will provide what you constantly think of.

How can today be the best day of the year if you are afraid of the consequences it MIGHT bring to you that are negative. There is a risk in everything worthwhile, you cannot have great value without a risk, that is the secret of value in the world. You cannot have one without the other. There is no need to fear anything, you can handle it all. Choose the thought of love, laughter, creating, perseverance, praise of others, healing, giving, taking action, growing, praying and most of all living over their fear based counterparts and today will indeed be the best day of your life! At least until tomorrow when the field of possibility is new.

“Write in your heart that every day is the best day of the year.” ~Ralph Waldo Emerson

Positive Thoughts

Time for some positive thoughts in a world looking for negative.

positive thoughts

Overcoming Fear, Living Life

Overcoming fear

Overcoming fear is the first step to overcoming any obstacle. Be brave and look forward.

The Right Mind

If You Correct Your Mind, the Rest of Your Life Will Fall into Place – Lao Tzu

So that begs the question, what is the correct mind?This is where the choice of your thoughts really comes into play. Like all things in our lives we have a self-determination about our life experience. The positive-thinkingthoughts we decide to pay attention to, vocalize and act upon.

These actions lead to the experiences of our lives and that means that making the right choices at the thought or mind level is key to moving in the right direction. So if you are thinking these positive thoughts then you will see that all other things will fall into place if you are choosing thoughts that are negative then your life will be operating from the negative side.

Choices and Responsibility

So every moment of our lives involves a choice between the positive and the negative, right and wrong or the light or the dark. We are each a master of our will, and so must accept responsibility for what happens in our lives. You are the architect of your experience solely. Get your mind right and the rest will fall into place. Some will claim that you have no choice, but that is untrue, all of your life is a choice that you make and the thought that you are entertaining.

Your decisions are yours, accept responsibility
Your decisions are yours, accept responsibility

Most of the choices you make every day are not complicated, they are subtle and consistent. In all interactions, including those with yourself are you choosing:

Love or Hate?    Laugh or Cry? Create or Destroy? Persevere or Quit? Praise or Gossip?  Heal or Wound?  Give or Steal?  Act or Procrastinate? Grow or Rot?  Pray or Curse? Live or Die?

These are choices we make each day and the choice will color your life a certain way. The easy choice is not always the right one but our lives will definitely follow the path of the decisions we make.  There is nobody else to blame for the decisions other than ourselves and therefore, our lives are entirely in our hands.

If you correct the negative thoughts in your mind and make more positive choices the result can’t help but be positive. Will it be exactly what you desire? We shall see. Perhaps it will become something better than you ever could have imagined.

Change in Perception

From Jonathan Hilton~~~”There are things known and there are things unknown, and in between are the doors of perception.” – Aldous Huxley

SHORPY_8d27251a.previewI came across this quote today and it stuck in my head. It was worth a little thought. Maybe too little. Do you know what is important to you? Do you know the meaning of life? Do you know what your inner nature is? Do you know the power of your thoughts? What happens when this physical life ends?

There are many things that we don’t know, and we are looking for the doors that will bring us into knowledge and understanding of a new life. This quote is said to have been the inspiration for the band the Doors to choose their name. Jim Morrison was on to something but it makes me think about the perceptions we have of our own realities and how foggy the unknown can make our lives.

What You See Isn’t Always What you See

a Julian Beever’s pavement drawing. amazing!!
a Julian Beever’s pavement drawing. amazing!!

There are whole industries created in marketing that play to the fact that our perception will see what they want us to see. That is how they control the marketing dollars by turning your perception or reality into wanting their product. There are also many artists who

An entire generation were lied to about the harm of tobacco products, but good advertisements made the perception of cigarettes positive.
An entire generation was lied to about the harm of tobacco products, but good advertisements made the perception of cigarettes positive.

create incredible images that manipulate our perceptions. Two-dimensional drawings which appear three-dimensional.  These trick your eye into believing something that is not actually there. How many things in our lives are doing the exact same thing?  Showing us what we already assume we are looking at, but it is something totally different. The only way to discern the truth of these perceptions is to investigate it fully. Unfortunately, many people are living in a walking sleep and have no interest in finding the truth. Find the truth and change your perception. Open a new door.

Our Story Can Change

city3All of us have a story that we tell about our lives. It explains who we are and how we have come this far in life. Our trials, and triumphs take center stage in this tale about our existence. BUT what happens if you change the story? What happens if you add something new and exciting, or remove something devastating and sad? How does your perception change and more importantly how does someone else’s perception of you change?

Simply by changing the story you tell, you can change your perception of yourself. Give it a try. Change that tragedy to a win. Talk about it and see if it changes your descriptions.

Open The Doors of Perception

williamblake396783In order to understand people better and to get a true knowledge of yourself lets open up these doors to the unknown. All things in your reality come down to the decisions that you make. Decide to be more accepting and open-minded about all facets of life. Rather than force feeding yourself the same old story about something you encounter. Look at it from a new point of view.

Engage in reading books that teach you something, or videos about topics you know nothing about. As your mind expands with new information, your perception about life is going to change. It has no choice and it will not go back to what you perceived before.

The more we learn the more we move into the unknown the more doors are opened to us. The more doors we open obviously the greater our perception of the world around us. Expand your mind with more thought and knowledge and the treasures of the world may just be yours. 

Wayne Dyer’s famous quote: “If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”   This tells us that our perceptions of the world are under our control and it is our choices and decisions that make up our perception of reality.

What are you looking at today that brings a negative perception into your life?

The Water Runs Deep

Deep Waters
Deep Waters

More on Jonathan

Water can be a frightening thing, you only see the surface and there is really no way to know the depth that is underneath. There is also no way to know for sure what is lurking under the surface either, so for those who choose to be afraid, water can be extremely difficult to deal with.  It is in the deep water, though, that greater movement to be yourself exists, a better chance to find out what you are made of. The opportunity to overcome fear and swim on your own and in your most natural way. Life will continually offer you the chance to explore the deep waters all around you. All you have to do is be brave and jump in to see what you are made of.

Follow the Dream


It never ceases to amaze me, life continually puts you into situations that challenge and change you. It is also eye-opening that I continue to be surprised by this.  Yet here I am looking at what I want to create, standing on the precipice of going for it and tentatively cringing. It is not rare, I think, for me to feel this way. When you look at the majority of people, they have put their real goals and dreams aside to accept the rut of consistency and security that life is providing.  Safe is the choice, chance is dreamed of but not acted upon. Today I am looking to act and am encouraging you to come with me.

See Your Fear

We should be good friends with fear by now in life, it has been a constant companion since early on. How we have reacted to it has changed through our life, but still it is always there knocking at the door of your thoughts with those two little limiting words……………What if?

I could attempt my dream but what if……….

….it doesn’t work?

……….I fail?

……………………I look stupid?

…………………………..the world laughs at me?

…………………………………………….I am not good enough?  etc., etc., etc.

These are the seeds of doubt, driven by fear that paralyze us into taking no action at all toward what we want to be.  The only difference between those who achieve their dreams and those who do not is a willingness to take that action and see what happens.

These are the seeds of doubt, driven by fear that paralyze us into taking no action at all toward what we want to be.  The only difference between those who achieve their dreams and those who do not is a willingness to take that action and see what happens.

If it doesn’t work? You will gain experience and knowledge to allow it to work the next time.  If you fail, then you learn and know and there

If you fail, then you learn and know and there is a joy and freedom in the trying. If you look stupid? that is a judgment and trying to better yourself and reach your dreams is never stupid. It would be stupid to not grow the talent inside of you and see what it can do. What if the world laughs? The world won’t laugh, the world will continue to exist, much as it did before, with the simple exception that someone living there has provided their own unique contribution and now it is a slightly better place. What if you are not good enough?  A leftover doubt from childhood probably and time to get rid of this fear. Why wouldn’t you be good enough? If you can conceive of a thing then you can create that thing. If it isn’t accepted by others then that is their problem, the beauty of the creating isn’t any less.

If you look stupid? that is a judgment and trying to better yourself and reach your dreams is never stupid. It would be stupid to not grow the talent inside of you and see what it can do. What if the world laughs? The world won’t laugh, the world will continue to exist, much as it did before, with the simple exception that someone living there has provided their own unique contribution and now it is a slightly better place. What if you are not good enough?  A leftover doubt from childhood probably and time to get rid of this fear. Why wouldn’t you be good enough? If you can conceive of a thing then you can create that thing. If it isn’t accepted by others then that is their problem, the beauty of the creating isn’t any less.

What if the world laughs? The world won’t laugh, the world will continue to exist, much as it did before, with the simple exception that someone living there has provided their own unique contribution and now it is a slightly better place. What if you are not good enough?  A leftover doubt from childhood probably and time to get rid of this fear. Why wouldn’t you be good enough? If you can conceive of a thing then you can create that thing. If it isn’t accepted by others then that is their problem, the beauty of the creating isn’t any less.

What if you are not good enough?  A leftover doubt from childhood probably and time to get rid of this fear. Why wouldn’t you be good enough? If you can conceive of a thing then you can create that thing. If it isn’t accepted by others then that is their problem, the beauty of the creating isn’t any less.

So on this thoughtful Thursday, lets make a choice to evaluate who we are, see where we would like to be on a personal, financial, physical, and spiritual level and then be brave enough to take those first tenative steps toward those goals.

The only way to know if you can cross that high wire is to take your first, small, tentative steps and see if you make it to the other side.


The-Choice-Is-Yours_Theme_Pastor-Steve-McCartt-Family-Worship-Center-Florence_Web-930x523Reblogged From Jonathan

In every moment we have a power to create all our experiences in life and they are created by our exercising the power of choice. In all things there are choices to make and the results of these choices will lead to the nature of your experience.  It applies to everything and everybody our choices define our lives.

Simple choices

It all begins with the simple choices in life. Should I sleep in an extra 10 minutes? Or Should I get up and choice 33attack the day? This choice could make a difference in what you experience in a small way or in a large one. The routine choices we make each day have the potential to have a huge impact on our lives. If we choose to take a certain route to work, or perform a certain task and that leads to a physical injury then we have chosen to put ourselves in that situation.

It is also a choice to look at our responsibility for things. We are all going to experience things which are not so great in life. Taking responsibility for our choices can be difficult but once you do, leaving almost any problem behind and being proactive in your actions will come naturally.

It’s all How You React

There are some things in life that happen which we have no real control over. There are crimes choices 22committed against people’s will all the time. Our choices were not to be a part of that, but we are and our choices start at the point we become involved. It doesn’t matter if we are involved in a flood, a crime or the breakup in a relationship. Our choices are constantly ours from the moment we become involved. How you choose to react is in fact your personal decision. Does it make you stronger? Or Does it destroy you?

How you react to all of your experiences is going to define your life. We build walls of separation to make sure that we are never vulnerable to being hurt again. Eventually though the walls of separation become so many it can be difficult to connect in any real way at all. So it is time to  make a choice, drop the barriers or keep them up. If you are lonely the barriers that you have created are going to be the reason. It is hard to find somebody to spend time with, let alone one who can manage the gymnastics necessary to get over and through the barriers you have built around yourself.  Drop them, it will be much easier.

Power in Vulnerability

When the barriers we have built to protect us are dropped, of course there is a vulnerability there. It is our choices1choice to be vulnerable and to be at risk of being hurt. All games involve risk, there is a risk in staying inside your barriers, there is a risk in dropping your resistance to change.

There is a risk in all situations in life and being open enough to accept whatever comes your way, may just lead to the greatest reward. It is all up to the choices that you make. Being vulnerable is not a bad thing, it is only a thing. To live is to make decisions based on the information we have. Live big and take a chance on your goals or live small and take no chances and live inside of your safe cocoon. There is always a chance of pain, but there is always a chance of something greater.

Choice is Always Yours

Choose and live your life!!
Choose and live your life!!

The choices in your life are happening all the time. You made a decision to read this, now you decide if you listen or if you agree with any of these thoughts, then what you do about it. Choose to ignore it. Choose to be moved by it. Choose to write a reply. Whatever decision you make it is yours and yours alone. This choice and every subsequent decision will determine the day that you experience. The choice is always and will always be yours and yours alone. Take responsibility for your choices and allow life to happen. Experience it and don’t let it destroy you. Let it make you strong and wise.

Will You Forgive or Flounder

Are you holding onto something that you need to let go of?


047882355_6_xlargeI think that no matter how far along you have come in life there are always some things that have stuck with you and even though you think that you have let go of it, you really haven’t.

For me to be happy in life and to really enjoy the experiences that I am blessed with every day, there is a constant letting go of perceived slights, whether big or small. Forgive it and release it from your life.

Today I am thinking about the process of how I let things go and what experiences I have to let drift into the ether, and cease to be a problem for me.

Forgiving and Letting Go

There is a freedom that comes from truly forgiving someone for hurting you. It doesn’t mean that you condone what they did, like it, or ever want to see it repeated, it simply means that you are no longer going to let whatever someone else did have any power over you anymore.

forgive It sounds trivial and overly simple but it is just that.  Yet just because it is simple doesn’t mean it is easy.  I know that I let some of my own false crosses become a definition of who I was for a long time, yet I learned in the end that what has happened to you isn’t who you are, it is what happened to you.

Much like a tree can exist, go through all types of different weather yet after it all, the tree is still a tree,  It may have lost some branches, and may have a few scars on its trunk but it is still the same tree it was before, but with more experience.

You are still the same you.  Forgiveness and releasing was the process for me to stop blaming the storms of life and accept all responsibility for my own decisions.

So what Still Needs to Go?

You know if you still have something to forgive if when you think of a person or a situation there is a burning feeling inside.  It almost feels like a searing sensation that is brought on simply by a thought.  Sometimes you can not feel it but then when something comes to you as a surprise that the burn is still there.

 The Universe has a way of presenting you with things you need to work on without looking too hard.  Today I was on LinkedIn and there was a suggested contact of someone I used to work with.  It made me really mad and I said exactly the word that came to mind.

poetry-picnic-wk-19-forgiveness It was inappropriate and almost shocked me that I still have this strong a reaction to someone who was simply a part of a group that I perceived to have mistreated me.  I knew it was really time to let it go.

 I took a moment and forgave the entire situation and then let it go, it is not my problem anymore.  I also was glad because I was able to have something topical and recent to add to this article.

It is a feeling that is difficult to describe if you truly forgive and no longer blame anyone else for situations and accept them as situations then there is no longer anger, fear, hate or frustration.  Those spaces can be filled with other things that are more positive love, acceptance, understanding, and kindness to name a few.

Letting Go Of  One

This one I have to let go. I once had a very good friend who I worked closely  with for  years and our relationship did not end well.  He perceived things in me that I do not think were true, I feel I was treated unfairly by him, who was my most trusted and relied upon friend.

 This was a person whom I looked up to and really relied on.  In good times and bad, there was a friend I could count on.  Yet the last conversation I had with him was devastating.  I was treated to a barrage of forgiveness-card3accusations, and hostility.  I wouldn’t mind that so much, but our relationship was different I thought.  I walked away from that conversation and have never been so hurt in my life.

To hurt me I am sure was the intent, because he had perceived a hurt.  I was angry for a long time and have let go of this bit by bit over the years, but today it has to go once and for all.  I allowed a character flaw in another to control the way I feel. I release it, the harsh words, the confrontation, and the negative feelings are all gone and have no power in my life. I forgive him and send love and understanding to him.

I replace the negative with love for my brother that I have always felt.  There were about a million times I wanted to talk to him and bury the hatchet,mend the fences, but some things are not meant to be I guess.

In the end, my philosophy can be summed up pretty shortly, that life is a short ride and in order to get the most out of life you have to be able to process and move past the difficult parts in order to enjoy the rest of the ride and learn and experience what you have the good fortune to experience.  Love is hard to find in a soul that is worried about revenge and payback.

Are you holding onto something that you need to let go of?

I’ve seen your face before my friend, but I don’t know if you know who I am.

What Do YOU Treasure?

What We Value

valuables 1

From Jonathan

It is revealing how the things we attach value to change over the years.  Some things that once meant everything to us, now mean absolutely nothing, and conversely, some things we didn’t value at all, come to mean everything in our lives as you grow and your values change.  I believe that understanding the things that are valuable or important to us is a huge part of growing and finding what makes you a happy, productive human being enjoying life on this planet. Let’s see what things I am putting into my treasure chest of life. 

Physical Activity

children playing at the beach, painting by artist Debbie Miller
children playing at the beach, painting by artist Debbie Miller

When I was young, physical activity was a part of life as vital to me as breathing. It didn’t really matter what time of year, what weather I had to face, I was moving in it.

In the summer, it was perpetual motion, from swimming to boating, to just getting from place to place. I was physically active from the time I woke up in the morning to the time I put my head on the pillow at night.

Over the years, there was school, followed by a job and then you have to find time to be physically active. I have gone through weight training and cardiovascular fitness of all kinds, and each time I value the ability and stamina I had as a youth. I value my mobility now and dream of what it was like then.

Friendships Are Strange

friendshipI am mystified by this one because on the one hand there are the people who I grew up with, that I am still friends with to this day.

However, it seems like I have met many “friends” in adulthood that are as transient as the weather.

Present for a season or two of your life and then destined to fade and fizzle out over time.  I have always believed that once I am your friend, I am your friend for life. There aren’t any conditions or behavioral expectations, we are friends and it is a relationship that will last.

This philosophy has been continually proven wrong, so I value the friends who are there when my back is to the wall.

I believe whole heartedly that people enter your life for a reason, most often to teach you something.  Unfortunately, the lesson for me has been that you can’t expect much from people. Yet it is a valuable lesson none the less. I think all of the lessons I have learned have value, so I thank the fair weathered friends I have known as well as the true for all you have taught me.

Family Valuables

Jamie and JoninwindowThere are few things in the world that define who you are more than the family you belong to. Some people hate their family, but me I look at us as a collection of unique individuals that each move their own way.

I make no bones about it that all of my grandparents, and great grandparents and great uncles and aunts that I have personally known have had an impact on me. Even though they have all passed away, I carry them with me.  Their voices are recorded in my mind and I remember not only how they sounded but what they said.  I also remember what they did and I was a fortunate and blessed soul because all of my relatives wanted me to be great.

Those that are still here I love them all as well, even though distances that may be a natural part of life have crept in.  All of us are different, and I appreciate those unique qualities.  There is nothing as valuable as family because no matter what they say or do, inside they are carrying around a large part of the DNA.  Family is something that gains in value over time.

Relationship Valuables

Relationships from long ago,

Mean more to me than they’ll ever know.

From the very first time, I saw you smile

to watching you leave in after all those miles.

You may not know that this part is true,

I have never forgotten my love for you.


Valuables In My Mind

Learning is Life Long!
Learning is Life Long!

Finally, there are the things I have learned, which I have found to be extremely valuable.  Most of my life I didn’t understand the value that was created when you started looking for the answer to a question.  The answers you may never find completely but the information you learn along the way can make life so much more enjoyable.

Some people believe that you go to college when you are young and learn, then get a job and put that learning to use.  I disagree with this paradigm completely. For me, none of what I was exposed to in college I learned. I mimicked and regurgitated knowledge, but to learn it has to become a part of you. I have learned more since I turned 43 than I ever learned in life before.

This is not a condemnation of my instructors or the schools I attended but an indictment on myself.  Above all else, what I am able to learn, contemplate and understand, are the greatest valuables there are.

What’s in your chest of valuables?

Is It Time for Action?

wd ooo

From Mind Connection Re-Blog 

How many great ideas are destroyed before they have a chance to take root? How many are discarded by the neglect of time? Due to fear of failure or a lack of self-confidence? The time to wait is over and the time for action is here.  Action is the ingredient that turns the perfect combination of raw materials into a masterpiece.  A life is defined by the actions one takes or in many cases the inaction.

I wanted to share a few of the things I have learned about grasping your life by the throat through action.  none of them are very difficult to do but they can be daunting. I continually have to remind myself about these things.

Forget your Fears

We are all afraid at some point. Fear has served its purpose in your life to help keep you safe in a wild world, but it can become too much for people to function at the level of their highest capabilities.  What is there to be afraid of? Action will defeat fear. Always!

inactionIf you stretch yourself reaching for something that you want, what is the worst that can happen?  Fear will stop you from reaching because you may be hurt, but that cocoon that you are existing in has become a cage and it is time to let that go. Action will destroy fear.

Ignore the negative voices of others and even your own mind.  When someone behaves without fear, it can make people uncomfortable because their own fears are clearly on display in comparison.  Encourage the negative to seek their own positive actions. Actions will defeat fear.

Recognize your fear, thank it for caring and then do what you should.  Move forward with all of the drive and ambition that you have in your heart.  Clearly you are a bright light that doesn’t need to be hidden anymore.  It is your time to shine through the dim fog of fear. Action will destroy fear.

Focus on Your Voice

In each of us, there is a voice that guides our actions, and it performs this duty with perfection and for our greater good.  Unfortunately, many of us lack a practical aptitude for hearing this voice, much less following it.

The voice is not in your mind but in your heart and it can only be heard when you quiet the mind and listen.  This is the guide that can tell you what you need to know and help guide your steps toward your dreams. To quiet the mind is a simple practice of breathing, focusing on your breath, and not paying attention to the endless stream of thoughts in your mind. 99% of which are not important or relevant.

If you have a failure, it is this voice that will tell you to keep on going.  Regardless of what others or your mind think, your greatness will be revealed when you listen to this voice.  Quiet your mind and focus on your voice. It is never wrong.

Be Conscious of Your Vibration

Quantum physics has proven that each object in the world projects a measurable vibration based on its physical makeup.  You and I are no different, with the small exception that a human being seems to be able to adjust their vibration by changing the way that they perceive the world.  ‘

Your thoughts are paramount to this. You can’t control all of your thoughts because they come quite rapidly sometimes.  Yet we have total control over the thoughts we pay attention to.

In a nutshell, focus on the thoughts that come from love such as kindness, joy, peace, hope, kindness, benevolence, empathy, generosity, truth, faith and compassion.  Give no attention to thoughts like envy, sorrow, regret, greed arrogance, self-pity, resentment, guilt, inferiority, lies, superiority or ego which are all thoughts of fear.

Positive thoughts are the motivation of our best actions.  Our actions will define us.  Many believe that your vibration will determine what type of life you are going to experience.  Be conscious that which thoughts you focus on will determine the experiences that come into your life.

Kick Ass Now

All of this is to urge you to go for it.  If you have a mountain in front of you, climb it!  If there is an ocean between you and what you want, start swimming it. Now is your time.

All people are born with great abilities, how much of those the world will see is determined by your conscious decisions to take action.  If you want to lose weight, start doing something to lose weight!

If you want to be successful, start doing what you can that will move you toward your goals.  There is absolutely nothing between you and your dreams than a lack of action.


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Hard Lessons

The Hard Game of Life (Reblogged from Mind Connections)

Life is a hard game sometimes.  No matter what you do, or how you try to find the gentler 8235367099_8230f69c0cside of life, the easier the hard times seem to seek you out.  When I look at people who are in their late teens and early twenties today, I have a hard time not telling them to be careful. There are some dark times in every life. Don’t worry too much though because they will bring you a lesson that will help you learn a valuable lesson. DO NOT BE AFRAID!

Look for the tough times that are inevitably going to come. But you know the warning is going to go unheeded, these words of warning are summarily dismissed as the rants of someone who is too old to understand the world today.   Yet, I know that in twenty years that conversation will be quite different.   Some of those “hard times” will give you your greatest gifts and allow you to stretch to lengths that you would have never reached without them.

If Experiences Didn’t Hurt, You Wouldn’t Pay Attention

The experiences we have every day are not meant to be either easy or hard.  Enjoyable or unpleasant.  They are simply experiences that we apply our own labels to based on our 304291_403371469749477_15828334_nexpectations of life and our limited knowledge of everything.

It is difficult to address hard things that way, because if they are unpleasant or not desired, how can you not dislike that moment?  If you had a broken arm or found out that you had cancer or any other experience that is on the negative side, who wouldn’t wish that away.  Yet, it is in these moments of despair and testing that our true character and strength is revealed. Your strength will be tested and your personal power revealed.

Personally, my own dark times were not welcome, and for a long time I blamed everyone for the fact that things were taken from me.  There was a lot of time wasted because in the end, those experiences I detested and wanted to avoid, allowed me to become more than I ever dreamed I could be. There is a well of kindness in your soul that needs to be released to do good in the world. Sometimes the hard times provide the method.

Life doesn’t have to be hard, but the lessons that are harder to learn provide the whetted stone on which our talents are sharpened to their most useful existence.  You learn, in a more meaningful way than you ever have before.  In fact, you may find hidden talents that would have never risen to the surface without the painful and necessary letting go of the past you, who no longer carries the ideas and thoughts that now embody your personal experience.

One Constant in life is, It Goes On

The everyday experiences of our existence are really only opportunities for learning everything, from our way of dealing with people to accepting how we feel about and view ourselves.  I look at those young people who dream of an easy life and I understand why they feel that way, it would be nice to sail calm seas for life.

Yet to be tested and to find not only that you pass but you are made of sterner stuff than you ever would have imagined, is a lesson that is priceless. Do not fear the hard times, accept them as the learning experiences they are and do what all successful people do.  Keep on moving forward with the lessons you have so honestly earned.

It seems that life does need to have moments of difficulty in order for us to examine the contents of our soul. Things that are difficult to endure allow you to really appreciate the little things in life that you have forgotten to pay attention to.

Being Positive in a Negative World

Being Positive, When the World is Negative

Even though I have spent a lot of time contemplating the power of being positive, and knowing that the positive energy that is produced with your positive thoughts, I have on positive_redcoccasion over the recent past slipped into being judgmental and critical of others for no reason other than because I experienced frustration.

Being positive becomes difficult when you look at life and the people in it as things that affect you, rather than people who are just doing the best they can to survive day-to-day.  All people have weaknesses, and from time to time are annoying and just rub you the wrong way.  One of the biggest challenges in life seems to be, to accept these small negatives and  support and highlight the positive of each of these relationships regardless. Maintaining a focus on love, understanding, acceptance, and kindness can be a challenge.

It becomes difficult to do this when you are engulfed in an atmosphere that focuses on the negative features of things lack of acceptance, judgement, sarcasm, and just being plain mean.  That is when you have to work a bit harder to find the positives.  The best way that I have found is to look for the things that are going right and not spending as any time worrying about what is wrong with the job, community or each other.

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