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Encouraging Word of the Day: Honest


Encouraging Word of the Day

Honest-free of deceit and untruthfulness; sincere.

honestBeing honest in our thoughts, words and actions is a challenge indeed. We seem to be almost hard-wired to be deceptive in some manner.  Be conscious of your choices and be honest in all that you think, say, and do.

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The main reasons people don’t always tell the truth are:

  • Fear of harm: The easiest reason to understand why we lie is for self-protection, including self-deception, to prevent harm to ourselves. This harm can be either physical or mental.
  • Fear of conflict: To some degree, we all fear having an argument.
  • Fear of punishment: When growing up, how often did we lie about how well we did in school, or who started a fight? How often do we cover up our mistakes and transgressions?
  • Fear of rejection: Sometimes, our insecurities are the foundation of why we lie to each other because we want to remain popular in our relationships. Typically, it is harmless boasting to make ourselves appear more admirable to other people.
  • Fear of loss: This is usually the loss of personal objects, such as money or expensive valuables. Greed is the foundation for this reason and can be found in each of us. We often lie to make ourselves more desirable to other people too. Most common, people lie for fear of alienating their significant other. Other times, when our self-esteem starts to decline, we even lie to ourselves as means to prevent loss of morale.
  • Altruistic Reasons: We often lie to help our friends and loved ones. How often do we flattery someone just to make them feel better?  Or don’t tell the whole truth because we are afraid of hurting someone’s feelings?  This is the only selfless reason why we lie.




Finding the strength to forgive can be one of the biggest battles we fight. The pain suffered caused by the behavior of another, or ourselves can linger on throughout life. This pain tends to limit the experiences in life.

Letting go of the resentment and anger in life is one of the secrets to happiness and fulfillment. Consciously make an effort to allow yourself to forgive in thought, word, and action today and the world will be changed in one small, tiny positive way.

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Encouraging Word of the Day: Choice


Choice– an act of selecting or making a decision when faced with two or more possibilities.

All of us have thousands of decisions that we make every day. Many are made with no conscious thought at all. They are just rote memories of the days before, repeated for simplicities sake. Take a day and look at all of the choices you make. Evaluate how each affects your life and the life of others. Does this choice honor you and who you are or not? That is the simple choice of thought, word, and action for today.  Read more of choices Here.

“At some point in our life, every one must decide if they are a creator or a critic, a lover or a hater, a giver or a taker.” ~ Unknown

Confidence is Word of the Day


Confidence is a factor in the quality of your life. If you have it there is nothing you can’t do and without it, there is very little one can accomplish.  It affects all areas of your life, professional, personal and social. Confidence can be developed if you choose to do a little work on the types of thoughts you focus on and the beliefs you carry about yourself and the world. Read more about confidence here. 

Encourage -Word of the Day


Look for ways to encourage today. Encourage someone who is down. Encourage someone to take the last steps to achieve a goal or dream. Encourage yourself to be the best version of yourself.  Make the world a better place tonight than it was this morning. Consciously put encouraging others in your thoughts, words, and actions today.

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Encouraging Word of the Day

I am a project type of person because they help keep your focus on accomplishing the Kindness100goal you set for your life. I am embarking on a new project for the next 30 days from November 27-December 26 I will be thinking about, writing about and taking actions around the encouraging word of the day.  My hope is that in some small way, it will have a positive effect on at least one other person per word per day. Any more than that is a bonus.

The encouraging word of the day is Kindness.  The quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate.

More on Kindness here: Kindness is the encouraging word of the day. 

Sentimental Sultans

Day 1 –  October 1, 2017  by Jon Hilton

dire straits
Nostalgic Music Month Day 1

It is the beginning of a month-long journey to delve into the music of our lives. In the fall of 1971, I attended kindergarten in Greenville, Maine. It was there that one of my intellectual equals was Mike Martin. From that day to this, music has provided the soundtrack of our lives. And I have been privy to all of his schemes.  We have not always been on the same path, but we both agree that music provides a connection to the past and the people who have shaped our lives.

There was little choice for me on the first day of nostalgic music month. It

You can fall for pretty strangers and the promises they make

had to be Dire Straits. From the first time I heard the unique and iconic guitar, to the messages in the lyrics that seemed to capture the emotions of the experiences I was having, Dire Straits has been one of my favorite performers. Most important is the connection to many special people I have known over my life who have shared the music with me.

My top 5 Dire Straits songs are as follows: Click to find out

Don’t Worry

If all things come at the right time, then why do we constantly worry about the future?

You can choose to worry if you want to. You can also choose not to worry.
You can choose to worry if you want to. You can also choose not to worry.

Worry is just thoughts we have that make us feel like we are involved in the decision-making process. Some people feel like worrying will keep away all results that are perceived as negative. Some people feel like worrying will prevent them from being disappointed.  I think that all you can do is live your life, worry if you want but it won’t do any good.  I think all things do come at the exact right time, it is just that the clock is not run by what is easiest for us. It is what is best, sometimes hard lessons are best, and that can hurt, but it is always a choice how you respond to any event.  Worry if you want to, but I have found worrying a waste o

f time.      


Causing the Pain

smile today
Be the reason someone smiles today

We all have a choice each day how we are going to help or hurt the experience of other people. The decision to be kind, supportive, helpful and accepting is just as easy as choosing gossip, silence, judgment or cruelty to others.

This is the simplest choice that we make to either honor ourselves or not. What choices are you making today? What kindness did you spread to others? Were you responsible for someone’s daily pain?

Hate Dis-ease


Why Is Fear Important?

Fear is a toxic substance we’ve been force fed throughout the course of our lives. Spreading sluggishly through our system, the viscous substance seeps in and clogs every chamber of our hearts. Our fear level has a lot to do with our chances of getting hate disease. The higher the fear, the greater the risk for developing hate disease.

Hate disease is the number one killer of peace and unity in the “United” States of America. Each year, more than a million Americans have media-induced hysteria attacks, and about a half million people are crucified from hate disease.

How Does Fear Cause Hate Disease?: 

When there is too much fear (a tar-like substance) in our society, it builds up walls of separation. Over time, this buildup causes “hardening of the arteries” so that arteries become narrowed and love flow to humanity is slowed down or blocked.

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Rule #12 For Life

Follow the Golden Rule —

golden-ruleYesterday, I was reminded how simple our philosophy of life should be. We should all be treating others based on the way we would like to be treated. If we all followed this pattern of behavior, many of the world’s problems would be eliminated easily. However, as we all know there are sometimes things that get in the way of putting the golden rule into practice. Here are a few explanations and thoughts on how to make sure that you are following the golden rule and doing your part to make sure the world is a better place. More Here 

Rule for life #8

Rules for Life #8

no_gossip_by_roxasgirly1-462x480Avoid Gossip, it is the food of small minds. If you aren’t speaking to someone, don’t speak negatively about them.

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Rules for Life 2

Rules for Life #2

honestyAlways Be Honest-How much is your integrity worth?  What can you gain by being dishonest that you can truly enjoy?  If your word is worth nothing then neither are you.

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Rules for Life 4

Ten-Rules-Of-Life1Rules for Life #4

Never Let What Others Think, Stop You from Doing Anything.  If you are outside of your comfort zone you are probably growing.  And growth is preferable to the alternative.

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Kyle Cease Changing Perspectives

new perspectives
“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” – Wayne Dyer

This is a great video on creating new perspectives from one of survival to a vision of abundance. Kyle Cease is a speaker/comedian who helps people develop their abilities. He believes these perspectives that come from inside us have control over our reality.

Understanding New Perspectives

There are things we love to do and talents we have in order to find our purpose in life.   Overcoming fear is important in our development.  He advocates creativity and imagination in order to overcome the limits that society puts on us. Feel complete as you are and being what you love, there is no fear. Things outside of you do not complete you. 

Let Your new perspectives help you develop your life experience. Your fears are merely an illusion.

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