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the enemy within Our worst critic is almost always in our own mind, that voice that tells us we can’t, shouldn’t or couldn’t possibly achieve what we would like to do. This is an outdated survival mechanism left over from our childhood that once served a purpose.  As you grow older the voice of criticism that you hear and entertain can destroy your confidence, lower your self-esteem and significantly limit what you are capable of achieving.  Get rid of that voice or at the least, pay very little attention to what it says. Here are a few of my favorite methods for limiting or eliminating the voice and learning to listen to positive  self-talk.

Notice How You Speak to Yourself

You need to start paying attention to what the voice is saying about you, self approvalyour appearance and your abilities. Ask a question and you will hear an answer in your mind: How do I look?

Will I be successful on that project?

How will that date go?

Will I get the job?

Or any of a thousand other questions, then listen to the answer. If it gives you a list of negative attributes that limit you, you have your answer. How do I look? You are too old, you have gray hair, you are too heavy, you have a scar on your forehead that nobody can possibly find attractive. You are ugly, you are not attractive to others.  This is a replay of things that I have thought about myself at some point in my life. All negative and all needs to be challenged with positive self-talk.

Change All the Answers

Change the answers by paying attention to how your value yourself. Recognize that the negative self-talk leads to negative emotions. It is difficult to build a positive image if you’re continually telling yourself how positive self-talkbad you are, how untalented you are, or how ugly and worthless you are. Change that around by focusing on your powerful personal characteristics. A great question is to ask yourself, would I speak to a young child this way? If you wouldn’t then don’t speak to yourself in that negative tone. Changing is as easy as choosing a different thought. If you aren’t going to be positive about yourself, who is?

I think it is important to decide what you want in life. If you want to feel powerless and feel bad then continue to be your worst critic. If you are ready to destroy the enemy within then start to create some positive affirmations that have truth and emotional attachment to them.  I am talented. I am good with money.  I am attractive.  Whatever point you usually destroy yourself on, build yourself up.

You are in control of the thoughts that you entertain and give power to. In order to raise your self-esteem and personal energy, you have to learn to speak to yourself in a more loving and accepting manner. Your greatest enemy and greatest ally are the same voice in your head and you dictate the tenor and level of kindness in that voice.