When you are still you can hear the words the silence has to offer

From Jonathan Hilton Mind Connections

Is there anything quite as unique a silence? Look at your life and honestly count and evaluate the moments that you are experiencing absolute silence. To me, this is any time that you are completely devoid of any human created sound at all. No words, no machines, no music, no nothing but the natural sounds of the world. How many times during any given day does this happen? I can tell you that for me there are few moments of complete and utter silence for me. There is a value in the silence, that if you get used to it will allow you to put your mind at rest and allow you to talk with your deeper self who is hidden behind those words.

Silence Can Be Better than the alternative

Seek out your silent moments because they will provide more value to you than 95% of the noise that falls on your ears throughout the day. If you are watching television to get your news or entertainment silencethen I think we would all have a difficult time rating the value of the product you are watching to silence. In silence, there are no lies. Nobody is pushing an agenda to vie for control of your buying power or the fear you experience.

Some people talk an awful lot and say absolutely nothing worthwhile. Isn’t a silence better than listening to words that are disingenuous, hateful, gossiping, or just plain old negative? Why break a silence to participate in making the world a less positive place? There is a place and a time for everything, and silence needs to have its.

Silence The Mind

How do you silence the mind? This is where the practice of meditation comes in. I was always intimidated by the practice of meditation but in giving it a try, I have found it is easy. The best advice I got was that there is no way to really do it wrong. If you give it an honest effort you will reap some benefits. The goal of meditation is to quiet the incessant and continual discourse of thought that is occurring in your head all of the time.

Our brains are great at producing thought, but most of its work is not productive, supportive, kind,

of silence
There is no wrong way to find yourself in the silence.

constructive or clear. Most of our thoughts trip on each other and repeat loudly points of view we are well aware of or  thoughts of pure foolishness. When you slow your mind, you can monitor your thoughts and pick and choose the ones that you want to pay attention to and those that you would simply like to discard.

There are many different formats for meditation and I am no expert. Here is a simple method that will allow you to easily walk down the path of meditation. Simply inhale and count to four. Hold the breath and count to four. Exhale while counting to four. Repeat continually throughout the meditation time. Notice the thoughts you have, where they come from and most importantly is it a thought that honors you or not? If it does, pay attention to it. If it doesn’t then pay no more attention to it. Silence allows this to happen.

Sometimes It is The Best Gift

It is human nature to offer advice, state our opinions and make sure that we are clear about where we stand on all issues we are exposed to. Sometimes, though, the best thing we can do is keep our mouths closed and simply silently listen.  Our presence has a power and often times just being there listening, giving a person your support is the best thing that you can contribute to another person.

A hand to hold or a shoulder to cry on or an ear to listen with is a great gift that you can give someone. If they are sincerely working through something, they do not have to hear a judgment from you or listen to your opinion about what the next action or reaction should be. Silence allows you to accept them as they are and be there as a friend.  Silence accepts all and allows a feeling of acceptance.

Look for moments of complete silence in your day, where no voice, music or machine can be heard in your life. Focus on the moment you are in and listen to what the silence sounds like. You will find some things in the silence you didn’t know you were missing.

No one dares disturb the sounds of silence……..