If You Correct Your Mind, the Rest of Your Life Will Fall into Place – Lao Tzu

So that begs the question, what is the correct mind?This is where the choice of your thoughts really comes into play. Like all things in our lives we have a self-determination about our life experience. The positive-thinkingthoughts we decide to pay attention to, vocalize and act upon.

These actions lead to the experiences of our lives and that means that making the right choices at the thought or mind level is key to moving in the right direction. So if you are thinking these positive thoughts then you will see that all other things will fall into place if you are choosing thoughts that are negative then your life will be operating from the negative side.

Choices and Responsibility

So every moment of our lives involves a choice between the positive and the negative, right and wrong or the light or the dark. We are each a master of our will, and so must accept responsibility for what happens in our lives. You are the architect of your experience solely. Get your mind right and the rest will fall into place. Some will claim that you have no choice, but that is untrue, all of your life is a choice that you make and the thought that you are entertaining.

Your decisions are yours, accept responsibility
Your decisions are yours, accept responsibility

Most of the choices you make every day are not complicated, they are subtle and consistent. In all interactions, including those with yourself are you choosing:

Love or Hate?    Laugh or Cry? Create or Destroy? Persevere or Quit? Praise or Gossip?  Heal or Wound?  Give or Steal?  Act or Procrastinate? Grow or Rot?  Pray or Curse? Live or Die?

These are choices we make each day and the choice will color your life a certain way. The easy choice is not always the right one but our lives will definitely follow the path of the decisions we make.  There is nobody else to blame for the decisions other than ourselves and therefore, our lives are entirely in our hands.

If you correct the negative thoughts in your mind and make more positive choices the result can’t help but be positive. Will it be exactly what you desire? We shall see. Perhaps it will become something better than you ever could have imagined.