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change-your-thoughts-and-you-change-your-world147At each moment in the day, each thought that we entertain is a choice. Many times I find myself thinking a thought that is judgmental, negative or fear driven. Fortunately, with everything we think, the opposite is also available.  Like flipping a switch, we have the ability at any moment to turn off those negative thoughts and turn them into a positive. This is a thought switch that is available to you at all moments. Rather than complain, think something else.

The human mind is only capable of entertaining only one thought at a time and that thought is going to affect your emotional and physical well-being in that moment. It takes no more effort to think  positively and constructively than to think negatively and destructively.

Simply turn the thought switch………

Thoughts of judgment into thoughts of acceptance.

correct-yr-mindNegative thoughts about yourself to Positive thoughts about your talents

Thoughts about doom and gloom to thoughts about hope and light.

Thoughts of worry replace with thoughts focused on the here and now.

Thoughts of wrongs done to you in the past replace with appreciation for things in your life right now.

Our thoughts are the force that lead to our emotional state, and we control our own mind. We decide what thoughts we focus on and which ones we ignore.  It is your choice to be jealous, envious, judgmental or angry. Focusing on those thoughts will take you to a life that isn’t much fun to experience because all of those are based on fear. It is your choice to hit your own thought switch and focus on the opposite thoughts which bring the opposite mental states and experiences with them.

It may sound simplistic, but dismissing this without attempting any change will guarantee that your personal vibration stays just where it is. Improving your thoughts will improve your personal vibration, improve your relationships, your health and how happy you are with life. Generally making your experience in life a more positive and happy one. But the switch can only be operated by you, nobody can do it for you. 

Give it a try to see what happens. The only thing you have to lose is  unhappiness and anger.