A Time For Action

All things of power need power to fuel them.  Your power comes from taking action. Action will eliminate fear. Action will answer questions. Action will take you from where you are to the destination you have take actiondescribed. Sitting around wishing will get you another day living exactly where you are. No house gets built without the action of putting up a frame, pounding nails into boards and putting on the roof.  The blueprints are great but the action of putting all together will give you the end result you want. Taking action can be difficult and taking the first action toward a dream can be the most intimidating of all. But there is a time for action and this is it for you.

Make a plan, decide what you want, ask for it, take action to get there and have the confidence in yourself that you deserve what will happen.  Get rid of limiting beliefs and unproductive points of view and move forward into a future that is made up of things you want and moves away from the situation that you are currently unhappy with.  You are the master of your own journey. It is time to start changing.