Be Courageous My Friend

courage over fear,

You Can Do It

Why  is it so hard to reach inside and summon up the courage that naturally exists in each of us,  just waiting to be used?

Most often it is our own limiting beliefs that stop us from reaching for what we want.  Limiting beliefs are thoughts that have been said so much by ourselves or others that we have finally just stopped questioning them and accept them as true, regardless of what they do to us.

Examples, “I’m not smart enough”, “I don’t have the talent”, “I am too ugly”, “Good things only happen for other people”, “I can’t”,  there are many, many more.

As you can see if you allow yourself to be boxed into your life by believing statements that are limiting you, you will never be able to reach your potential.  And the bad part is that, these limiting beliefs become, in ways, very comforting to us.  They explain why other people are happy and we are not.

If you are hearing that little voice inside your head that is repeating any of these types of limiting beliefs, there is one thing you can do today that will start to erode them away.  Just say, “To hell with all that!”  This phrase carries with it the appropriate emotional emphasis to help get you through whatever limits you have placed on yourself and/or your abilities.  Try it when your limiting thoughts come up, “I’m too fat.”  Reply with, “To Hell with It, I think I’m awesome, I am not defined by my weight.”  If you have confidence, you will have self esteem. If you have self esteem and value your abilities, YOU CAN DO ANYTHING!

You will find that once you start to overcome these limiting beliefs, there isn’t really a lot of things that can stand in your way.   Another example, “Success in business is for other people, not me.”  To hell with that, I am as smart and deserving as anyone else in the world.  I can be successful, all I need to do is put effort into being that.

Try this with one of your own limiting beliefs and you will see that you have the courage to fight for yourself and to get what you deserve to be happy.  Because the bottom line is that we all deserve to be happy, even you!

We all have courage inside us that will allow us to achieve all of the great things we want to achieve, if we will just use it.

That is it, put aside the fear, and limiting beliefs that have held you down for years and summon up the courage that we all have to strive for a dream, or to reach for a goal.  You may or may not get there, but courage allows the journey, and the journey is what life is all about.

Beliefs affect Viewpoints

Viewpoints Affect Intelligence

Intelligence Affects Your Life Success