Live Big Like the Sky

Some never experience this. Or life allows them to escape this cycle of smallness. They are able to nurture

Are you living as big as the sky?

Are you living as big as the sky?

this inner talent and instead of pulling it in, they are projecting it out. Out to the world, where others can see it, feel it and know it. The influence of these individuals will grow out to distances that are unfathomable to others, especially those living life like a pebble.  They see the sky and it is so foreign to them that they simply ridicule it, chastise it and move as far away from it as possible.

Yet it shines, because that is what the sky does, in its broad expanse there is nothing but possibility of more and the unique configuration of clouds and either that will never be constructed in the exact same way ever again. This form can only be described as beautiful.