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everyone_fits_in_somewhereI think that all people at some time have the feeling that they just don’t fit in. It could have been in school, it could be at work or anywhere else in the world. Feeling like you are just to different to find your place in the world is a common belief but it is one that you should get rid of right now because that thought is only limiting you.

Hiding your Talent

The thought that we are too different to fit into society in any way will il_570xN.244205841
cause a person to look for ways to conform to the expectations of the norm. That means that you are looking for ways to hide the things about yourself that make you original, awesome and just plain wonderful.  That unique you is the one you should nurture and allow to grow and not hide from the world.  It is through our rarity that the world will ultimately embrace you and your mark will be made.

Don’t bow your head to anyone because you don’t act, think or look like everyone else expects you to. You are a one of a kind original and the place you fit in will be found as soon as you embrace your rarity.

Don’t Accept Other Peoples Limits

If you weren’t accepted at some time in the past, that is the problem of the people who didn’t accept you, not yours. There are thousands of examplesquote-maybe-other-people-will-try-to-limit-me-but-i-don-t-limit-myself-jim-carrey-32557of genius that was ignored, ridiculed, and chastised because it was different from the norm, only to be recognized a unique contribution in the eyes of history.

You are that historical contribution and don’t allow a limiting belief like “I’m too different to fit in”, Limit you in the least, because at your worst you are remarkable, and at your best you are a miracle.

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