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a-man-and-his-wordsPeople seem to speak a lot without any thought for the impact of their words. However, each and every word we utter has an energy to it, which radiates from us and within us long after the words are spoken. If you are not mindful of what you speak then your negative words can haunt you for a long period of time.  Watching the words you speak and the thoughts behind them will make you happier.

The Negative Thoughts to Avoid

The most negative words that are used at some point by everyone are those of gossip. Gossip has the power to draw almost anyone in and drag 3e904ff58b78afd415f20809bbd9610athem down as well. Gossip is attractive because it allows people to feel included in a secret group of thoughts that only the group currently gossiping knows. It allows someone the opportunity to judge someone, their actions and their lives without knowing anything as a fact. Gossiping leads to many problems and lessens your life. The most important drawback is the negative energy you generate in your life.

When you participate in talking about others and their lives when they are not present you increase the negative energy in your life. You are spreading rumors, speaking about things that are at best half true and at worst outright lies. This sticks with you and will stay with you. If you are speaking with people who thrive on gossip, guess who they are talking about the moment you leave the room? That is right you. Each time you speak negatively about someone else’s life you are diminishing your own life. Most importantly, you destroy your integrity.  Our behavior tells the world what we are and our actions define and accentuate that. When you participate in negative talk like this then your life will be decidedly negative and it is difficult to experience happiness when we are constantly looking at and talking about the negativity of others.

How to Speak Positively

The great thing is that we all have a choice about the way that we speak and the things that we speak about. It starts by paying attention and what you thinkmaking good choices. The simple way to manage your words is to be consciously aware of all the words that you use and what energy they bring with them.

Learn to T.H.I.N.K. about what you are going to say, this little acronym will allow you to look at all of the things you say to yourself and others.   Use this before you say anything about anything and it will allow you to speak more positively about yourself and others which will make your energy and life more positive.

T- Is it true? That is a very important factor in speaking about you or someone else. If it isn’t true, don’t say it.

H- Is it helpful? If you are about to say something that is not helpful, then make the choice to not say it.

I – Does it Inspire confidence? If you are about to say something that does not inspire confidence in yourself or others, then you should choose not to say it.

N – Is it Necessary? This is important to consider as we speak, often the answer is no, a thought is not worth expressing through your words.

K – Is it Kind? One of the more important considerations that we should consider when we are looking at the way we speak about others and ourselves. Speaking with kindness is positive and builds positive energy around yourself and others.

By following this simple guide and evaluating your thoughts and being mindful about the words that you speak, you can make your life and the lives of those around you exponentially happier.

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