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How many times have you allowed the opinions of others limit your potential?  When I think of the wonderful people who I meet each day, I find myself being awestruck by the potential success that exists in all people that they can’t see in themselves. It is like looking at Michael Jordan who doesn’t realize that he is a great basketball player.  Greatness exists within everyone in one form or another and learning to listen to your heart and following your interests is all it takes to start to see this.

Set Your Goal

Set-your-goals-high-and-dont-let-anyoneIt all begins by knowing what you really want out of life. That may sound like it should be common knowledge for each of us. I know that I have been in a position where I could do anything I wanted, and I had no idea whatsoever what I really wanted to do.

I have talked to many others who have had the same experience. Set your goals and start to dream your dream. Imagine what it will look like and feel like when that goal has been achieved and is a part of your reality.

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