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thanksgiving-high-definition-hd-wallpaper-desktopIt is Thanksgiving 2015 and another year is slowly winding to its inevitable end, of over spending and stress. Yet Thanksgiving always gives me pause to remember the people who I have been fortunate to know over the course of time. As I was working out this morning I was trying to think of all the people who have touched my life in a positive way. From people I have met through some experience in my life, growing up, high school, college, work life, or one of the many who I see in the course of my life at the places I frequent, or on the internet through blogging, all of you have made an impact on me and I am grateful that I know you.

Grateful for All of You

It is common to be grateful for the things we have in our lives but often we let the people move in and out 1bd38390ab86dced7e3cc213a7a09a75without acknowledging the contribution they make to our happiness each day. All people will make a mark or leave a footprint in your life. Some are positive and others end up being negative, but all provide an energy that has the potential to make your life so much better.

I am grateful for each person who has come into my life and left their footprint, all have been appreciated, from those I have worked with and shared that experience to those I am friends with over the many years, to my family members who have known me my whole life. Each person has made a unique contribution to who I am today, which I think is a good thing.

For those Who Are Gone

Of course there are many who have ended this journey and we carry on with only their memory. On this memory of the heartday I am particularly grateful to have known them and had them contribute to my life in such fantastic ways. As Each of my grandparents have gotten older and succumbed to the inevitable end of their journey, each has left their mark on me and my character, through their example of generosity and kindness. I have been a very fortunate soul, for the people who I have come from. Each a unique, caring, dynamic person in their own way.

This is a day to remember the things about them that only exists now in your memory. Knowing that in your existence you are carrying a piece of them on  with you and through you, and your thoughts they still exist, if only on the wind of thought and memory.

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to all the people who have touched my life in person, or through the world of blogging, all are appreciated and hopefully this day finds you happy and grateful for all the wonderful things that you have in your life. Thank you all for making this life the great experience it has been and continues to be. I am humble and grateful for knowing all of you!!