Thoughts From Mind Connections today……..

Fear is the constant companion of all human beings. Learning to deal with it in a healthy productive way is one of the skills successful people 734732_502697536448589_644545375_ndevelop and practice continually.  Fear is a thought in your mind that if given attention will at the least cause worry and at worst will stop you from taking actions that could be beneficial  for your life.

To overcome fear there is one cure and that is action. Action will defeat fear each time because even if you should suffer a setback or not achieve everything that you want, you will be in possession of the knowledge of the results of your actions. You will know what is enough. You will know that failure will result. You will know if you triumph. There is a strength in knowledge that defeats fear forever.

Life will begin where fear ends because the actions you take to defeat fear will move your life down the line of fate toward whatever you destiny might include.

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