Thoughts from Mind Connections Today…………

Challenges are going to be a constant theme in life. No matter how careful we are, something will rise up and make us stretch ourselves to f4af73b64bb3413bc225945c801ed641overcome it. Or knock us down and make us doubt that we have the ability to overcome the obstacle facing us. Do we rise or do we fall? Do you quit and run or stand and fight? Sometimes these choices are thrust upon us without us knowing, and sometimes they are long running dramas based on some trauma from the past.

The connecting idea is that we have the ability to come back from anything we face. Any abuse, violence, loss, terror or horror. We have the ability to come back as long as we are alive. You will be faced with constant opportunities to face your fear and grow or shrink in the face of it. Success lies on the other side of our fears.

Do you rise or fall?