Thoughts from Mind Connections on this Friday….

happy_friday_1078885723There are a few things that all of us can do in order to have a happier Friday and a positive gateway into a great weekend. Here are five simple tips from my blog that I was thinking about today.

  1. Acceptance of where you are at. This doesn’t mean to not aspire for more or even like where you are but honestly assess where you are at and accept that your decisions have brought you here.
  2. Adopt an attitude of gratitude- being grateful is a powerful tool for attracting more into your life, give this a try.
  3. Act with passion. Make sure there is passion in everything that you do, if there isn’t then you should be doing something else.
  4. Practice Kindness- Being kind is a choice and one that will make you feel good. Kindness is free and powerful and you should practice it each day. You will definitely have a happier Friday and so will all of those in your life.
  5. Be mindful- Live in the moment you are in, not in the past that is over or the future that might never come. In the midst of today is where you are and appreciating that is going to make your Friday a happier experience.

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