Thoughts from Mind Connections Today:

I am fortunate enough to read a lot of different blogs and to find motivation and inspiration from them. Today I found some great topics without looking very hard.

  • Mindfulness, when my focus and attention is on the present moment and not lost in the past or imagining the future I am much more happy.
  • Listening to my heart will provide true guidance, which involves learning to ignore the negative, ego, voice in my head. Success is much easier to come by.
  • Facing my fears. Even though many of my fears have been faced, fear is a constant companion until this life is over, it is a continual relationship about how to deal with this that determines a lot of the enjoyment we have in life.
  • What goes around will indeed come back around to us. If we are selfish, mean and uncaring, then that is much of the treatment we will experience from others.  Conversely if you are kind, caring and considerate then those traits are bound to come back to you. Misery loves company, so do your part to make people happy.
  • In order to move forward you have got to leave your past behind you. Let go of the pain, joy, tears and laughter of the past because they are just memories and we remember things as we want to, not the way they are. The past isn’t a bad thing it is just not a real thing and to be in the present, you can’t live there.

For more depth in this topic find out what goes around.