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BeliefMy mind works overtime, sometimes and I wrote this list originally several years ago but continually update my core beliefs as new evidence and experience proves old ideas in need of tweaking or total replacement. So here are the current version of MY CORE BELIEFS. Presented in no particular order, here are a few of the things that I hold as truths for my life.

We Are All Connected

Call it God, the Universe, or whatever your religion dictates, but to me we are all connected through divine order.  All people contain the same abilities for great love, and equal power to commit evil.  That is just a part of this crazy game. This connection runs through the hearts of all people and even though we seem to be separated into individuals, there is a common thread between us all. Remember this the next time judgment and separation enters into your life.

Our Beliefs Control Our Lives

Each of us have developed over the course of our lives a core belief system. Most of these beliefs were developed early on in life and many of these are limiting beliefs that delay or stop our development completely. Our beliefs were built by our parents, grandparents, siblings, teachers, religion and peers. Most were developed before the age of 10 and have remained with us to this day.  Our beliefs have to power to allow us to achieve goals or stop us from becoming what we should be.

The great thing is that all beliefs can be changed at any point in life when we look and find irrefutable evidence that contradicts them. All of the “you can’ts”, “no’s”, “you’re not good enough’s”, “You can’t make a living doing that’s” or any other limiting statement from your youth that makes you feel like you are not good enough can be eliminated, with the processing and acceptance of new information about you and your abilities.

Here is a secret, you are powerful and able to do most things you set your mind to. You definitely have the chance to try.

Your Actions Define Who YOU Are

Talk is cheap, what you do is the definition of your character.  I have heard the soft and sympathetic words that were worth absolutely nothing, but have been blessed by the actions of many great people.  Saying you are something means nothing, being that thing means everything.

Each day is a new opportunity to take action toward a goal or a dream that you have. Take a step, mail a letter, make a call, or do whatever small thing you can that will lead you toward your goal. Action is the power source to the dreams of people. It will cancel out fear.

Every person that has ever been born has had a dream of some kind. There are no exceptions.  When a person takes action they can make their dream come true.  If that action leads to failure, then at least you know, and a direction more suitable to you may show itself from the effort.

Thinking in a Positive Manner  Leads to Positive Results

Bad stuff happens to everyone at some point in life, how you deal with it is important.  Life is full of things that we define as good or bad. Positive thinking is not about ignoring the “bad” in life and always looking on the bright side, although those factors result from it.  Positive thinking is bringing the focus of love, understanding, kindness, acceptance and peace to all that you experience. Ignoring their counterparts hate, judgement, separation, meanness, and conflict.

All experiences have the power to bring the positive or negative inside a person to the surface and what emotions and thoughts you let dominate your behavior will decide what actions come from you and what feelings are happening inside you.  All things are just things until we assign value to them and determine how we look at them.

All People Have Value

This is difficult to remember sometimes when I am angry or someone has hurt me but that doesn’t change the fact that I believe this is true.  People live differently, make poor decisions, and look differently,but inside they are all valuable and unique individuals.   All that separates any of us from the circumstances of another is mere chance.  At our core we are all beings of love, understand and are looking for acceptance in the world.

We are all born with a unique gift that is destined to contribute to the good of the world and it is the meaning of life to find out what that gift is and how to use it. Some people lose their way through the experience of life and bury their gifts too deeply to be retrieved, but the gift is still there. With the right nurturing, perhaps it could resurface.

Gratitude is the Gateway to Abundance

How often do you express your gratitude for all of the positive things in your life? It is easy to move through life each day and let events and people swirl past you without any real acknowledgment. Stop for a moment and give thanks for each experience. Even when the experiences are not what you are looking for, they are still going to provide you with clues as to the direction you should be moving in.

Being grateful and putting yourself in that mindset each day creates an energy of acceptance around you and that energy attracts more into your life. What you focus on multiplies, if you are grateful for what you have, you will have more things to be grateful for.  Take time and reflect a bit each day on the blessings in your life. Breathing in and out and having a life is a blessing many lose each day.

Forgiveness is Necessary to Move Forward

To forgive someone for something they did that harmed you is very difficult. It can’t just be lip service of saying that they are forgiven, it has to be inside your heart.  The only one who can give forgiveness is you, and the sooner you give it, the sooner you can move on.  Letting go of pain, sadness, anger or any other negative emotion is key to enjoying life.   I read somewhere that you know that someone is forgiven when you think of them and there is not a subtle searing inside your heart.  It can take a conscious effort but with forgiveness comes freedom and strength.

Embrace Love, Avoid Fear

All people carry these inside of them and the one you pay attention to will determine how much you enjoy this ride we call life.  Focus on the love based emotions like kindness, understanding, generosity, acceptance, patience and love, while avoiding the fear based emotions and thoughts of anger, hate, separation, jealousy, stereotyping, and judgment. It can be harder to do than it sounds but the effort is well worth it.

I will have to add more later as my writing time has elapsed.  These are my ever-changing and developing core beliefs.  Love to hear your thoughts.

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