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There is nothing that has allowed me to grow and understand life on a new level more than the books I read. They are a portal into knowledge and understanding that I can only hope to comprehend adequately. I know that my personal growth has stemmed directly from my experience with books and I wanted to share a few of the most recently read that I can highly recommend to all interested parties.

The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz

f5b978_861eea61847e45c39af1e1a019db3481This book provides simple and sensible guidance about life. It delves into the collective dream of society and the personal beliefs that we have agreed with and given power to. Yet many of these agreements are unhealthy and untrue, yet we allow them to stay a part of our lives. The book is based on Toltec Wisdom.

The four agreements are the ideas all people should adopt.  1. Be impeccable with your words. – Your words have power and how you use them is important.  2. Don’t take anything personally. People’s behavior is based on their experience and has nothing to do with you.  3. Don’t make assumptions Make sure you ask questions, speak your mind and never assume that you are sure about someone else’s thoughts. Many problems can be avoided. 4. Always do your best. This is simple advice but how many people do this in all that they do? Your best is effort is going to vary due to energy, health, time of day or any number of other factors, but if you continually give your best effort life gives back to you its best effort as well.

You can read this book over and over and get new things out of it. Also lead to me reading other Don Miguel Ruiz books The Mastery of Love and The Fifth Agreement and also a book by Don Miguel Ruiz, Jr. called The Five Levels of Attachment.

The Biology of Belief by Bruce H. Lipton

bruce-lipton-quote-3A cellular biologist, Lipton started to make some radical discoveries about the behavior of cells. They didn’t work as he believed and his experiments led to his belief that what people believe affects their cellular make up for everything from susceptibility to disease to how happy we are with our lives.  The basics are that our development has a lot more to do with our beliefs than it does with our DNA. It is an eye opening thought and supports the findings of Quantum Physics that our power as observer dictates our reality. Worth a read because it is a positive, empowering book. You are in control of your thoughts.

Awaken the Giant Within by Tony Robbins

Personally I find Tony Robbins annoying, but I love his message. Tony Robbins does a great job tony-robbins-quotes-41presenting you with steps that you can take in order to become better at what you are looking to improve at. There are many Robbins books out there, this one was written in the late 1990’s but the advice is still relevant today. If you want to be the best that you can be, this is a good place to start.  Example dealing with problems: people have issues dealing with their problems when they think the problem is permanent no problem is permanent big or small, pervasive, no one problem controls your whole life or personal, a problem is a challenge to learn from not a personal defect in our personality.

Robbins does a great job in providing simple to understand keys for a problem and gives you a place to start making changes. And of course there is a giant within all of us. He also has a great process for changing beliefs that can help eliminate limiting thoughts. You will definitely have more tools to be successful after reading this book.

 The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

the-alchemist-quotes-deep-wise-sayings-testGreat little read that tells a vital story. Each of us has a personal legend and we need to take action to make it come into reality. Having faith in life and the world will allow a person to find all of their personal power. It is a story that all can relate to and makes you look at your personal legend. It was probably not made by watching television or losing yourself in modern media.  We are all looking for the hidden treasure that will make our lives special, but the journey is always the real treasure, as much as the destination. Positive, powerful and life altering  are words I would use to describe this quick little read. It is good for the soul and will have an impact on your life. I couldn’t recommend a book higher.

The Road Less Traveled by Scott M. Peck

155061_508544769168567_1480336927_nThis book was written in the 70’s I think, but its message is true for today. It begins by warning that there is always difficulties in life and once we accept that fact, it tends to not affect us as much anymore. This book is a guide to developing a person’s true self building more meaningful relationships and providing an understanding of your actions.  I like books that provide actions that help us along the spiritual path, I find this book a great help.

Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life by Dr. Wayne Dyer

wayne-dyerThis project by the late Wayne Dyer provides an in-depth interpretation of Lao Tzu and the Tao Te Ching. The power of the Tao is all around us and the simple verses of this document allow for deep thought and personal growth on each page. Dr. Dyer does a nice job providing a connection to the modern world from each and every one of the 81 verses. Each time you read it, there are new insights that can help you develop as a person and contribute more to your family and the world. You can, in fact, change your thoughts and change your life for the positive each and every day.

“Then she opened up a book of poems
And handed it to me
Written by an Italian poet
From the fifteenth century
And every one of them words rang true
And glowed like burning coal
Pouring off of every page
Like it was written in my soul from me to you
Tangled up in blue”~  Bob Dylan

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