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Happiness withinI am going to be grateful for the fact that happiness comes from within each of us and it is up to you to make the decision whether you are happy with your relationships, jobs or your life.  Here is why I think this way.

So Often We Rely on Things

For much of my life I was a person who thought that it took things to make me happy.  A relationship, a house, a new car, or new clothes would make me feel like I was happy.

tumblr_lxrc7kkCNo1qcwoauo1_500Yet, like many people, deep down I was not happy.  How can this be?  I dreamed of getting something and following a plan and got it all, yet inside I was not happy.   This feeling of unhappiness made me start to research how others look at happiness and what this crazy game of life should be about.  This is what I learned.

Things Do Not Make You Happy

No matter how many things I accumulated, any happiness was short-lived and didn’t last.  Two things resulted, I wanted more stuff to get happy about and I worried that I would lose my stuff and of course then I would never be happy.

Finally I started reading about how happiness comes from within, and it is based on your thoughts.  Regardless of your experiences, you always have the choice to be happy about life.

Find What You Love, Love What You Find

The more people I meet, the more obvious it is to me that everyone is born with some sort of skill or talent.  Many forget it as they grow up and have expectations put on them and are happiness-quotes-1conditioned to think and feel as society tells them.

Think back to when you were young and the dreams you had. You may have dreamed of being an astronaut or a cowboy or whatever, I don’t think the dream is important, but the person who dreamed was. Remember them and how they thought before a world of expectations and conditioning turned them into what we are today.

I think that what you love will come to you.  It doesn’t really matter what book you read or philosopher you follow, all agree that finding what you love to do is important.  Once you find that, do it and don’t worry too much about the money, it will follow your passion.

Choose to Be Happy

If you look at some aspect of your life and aren’t happy about it, change that thing.  I know it sounds simplistic, but isn’t looking outside of yourself for an answer unnecessarily complicated? You look in the mirror and see what is there. You then make a choice about what you think of that reflection.   Choose to look at that person with love and understanding and you will find your happiness in other areas will go up as well.

Today I am grateful that happiness comes from within, and I am hopeful that if you are unhappy with an aspect of your life that you will decide to change it.

  It’s a GREAT day to be ALIVE

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