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Words can be loving or feel like a punch in the face.
Words can be loving or feel like a punch in the face.

Words are used by all people with the capacity for speech and most often there is little to no conscious thought associated with their use at all. We speak to express ourselves to others and rarely contemplate the message we are sending. There is a power in your words and it exists in all speech.  Pay attention to the power of your words. These words have the power to change our lives and the lives of those we take the time to speak with.

Our Thoughts Expressed

What is a word but a way to express your thoughts to the Universe? All words have power, some are positive and some are negative. Positive words can  nurture a relationship, create peace, build a community, inspire great action or even create justice. Words of love, prosperity and gratitude are going to bring those things into your life. Conversely, if your words are spent on gossip, hate, judgement, or jealousy, those things will be brought into your life.

And so are you!
And so are you!

This is simple enough to test. Be aware of the words you are using and focus on really speaking words of love, prosperity, and gratitude for a week and see what comes from it. If that is too daunting a task, do it for just a day.  The trick will be to stop yourself from speaking words on the negative side and sticking to the positive. I think I am always surprised how tempting it is to speak the words that don’t help. The gossip that provides a connection. The “harmless”  joke at someone else’s expense.  Watch your words and see what happens. If you can then you will see a positive difference in your life. Those who continually gossip and judge others then that will bring negativity into your life.

What you seek, you will find

The reason this works is because as you start to seek the positive words, and situations that be carefurequire positive comments, you become more aware of them all around you. If you have children, tell them what they do well, explain to them why they are valued.

When you are looking for things to express positive feelings about, you can’t help but find things that are really worthy of your positive thoughts and words. More than likely these things have been there all along, unnoticed. But it is a conscious choice to look for them that reveals them to you.

Use your words to allow for a growth of love, kindness, peace, acceptance and understanding in the world and in your life. It takes just a little effort to have the consciousness of your words expressing the positive expressions of your thoughts.

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