From Jonathan Hilton to You

beginningBeginnings can be tough. You aren’t yet privy to all of the nuances that make a job or task work with as little resistance as possible. This is true of a new home, a new job, a new relationship, any time you are beginning anything at all! It is true with life. Beginnings  are both terrifying and exhilarating.

Most people don’t have someone who can fill them in on what to expect in this adventure called life.  As you go through its stages, there are many experiences that you will have to deal with. Some tests seem pointless in the moment but the value is only revealed to your years later.   There are many things to learn in life, and one of the most important is who you exactly are. That is a beginning.

Beginning of Your Education

constant educatonAs you may have figured out the beginning of your education did not start when you entered kindergarten and it didn’t end when you graduated from high school, college, grad school, etc.  The rudiments of  academics were a tool to reward, develop and basically learn how to learn. But the joke was on us, the real lessons were not the subjects, but the space surrounding them. The people, relationships and thoughts.

Life is a consistent educational experience that usually teaches its lessons with the cold and hard trial and error. We try, we fail, we learn, we plan, we try again. Continually it goes on, and those that are lucky learn quick and those who don’t  may lag behind.  The great thing is that as long as you are alive you will always have a chance to catch up. Learning is an equal opportunity activity, available for any fertile mind. 

Beginning to Accept Ourselves

weaknessGoing along with school and learning, you will find out early and often that a consistent theme in life is making mistakes.  How we view mistakes is going to determine what type of learners we are. We can allow them to define us, or see them for what they are, valuable learning experiences.

Mistakes are often hard masters that sear their lessons into your existence. It doesn’t take too many heart wrenching, face slaps of reality to know that some mistakes don’t need to be made more than once.

If you are a slow learner, life will continually flog you with the same mistakes, until you finally get the lesson.  Don’t worry about developing perfection because you will continue to make mistakes your entire life.  Not letting yourself be beaten up by mistakes because of someone else’s perception of you, agenda of life or becoming just plain miserable is the trick to enjoying life. Stand up, dust yourself off and begin again.

Your Authentic Self

Ecstasy is simply awareness of your authentic selfEvery person is born with authentic talent or skill that belongs exclusively to them. Life appears to be a process where that authentic you is continually covered up and often times forgotten.  There are many ways in which this happens, one is outside of us, people say your authentic self isn’t good enough, is silly, unrealistic, or doesn’t fit into what is acceptable in society. “That’s nice but you can’t make a living at it.”

The other is on the inside, as we make mistakes and fall short, we let it discourage us. When mistakes happen we pine away for a better decision in the past. Our authentic selves gets buried underneath the harsh evaluation of “I should have done that”, or “I could have done this”, or “I would have gone there.”  We pile on the blame to our selves and soon we only see our limitations, expecting to fall short. We are less than what we should be. It is time to begin again.

You Alone Can Do It

jordan qupteThe good news is that there is another beginning that comes to most people, it is the beginning of searching for that authentic self. It may start as a gentle nudge in your soul,  you may just feel like things aren’t quite right.  Or it may be jarred loose by a tragic event. The idea of who you are suddenly uncovered by the violent rock slide of events.

One thing I have learned is that there is no one path to reach this, no one process, but many avenues that can direct different individuals to their authentic selves.  Some just know what their true self is all about, others have to keep searching through the rubble of regret and self-criticism until the truth is discovered like gold in the midst of so much dirt and debris. And then begin again.

Yes it can and will be found.  We seem to spend the first half of our lives hiding this treasure and the second half is spent trying to get back to this unique inner talent and strength that you have.  This journey can only be taken by you, there are those that will help you along the way but in the end it has to be you that accepts yourself, your talent and your responsibility.  Then one step at a time, it is time to begin again.  Visit Mind Connections