Being Confident In Life Is a Choice

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Although I have trouble sometimes with certain concepts, one thing has become abundantly clear.  Being Confident in life is a choice.

Confidence stems from the conscious decision to accept yourself for what you are and to not let your weaknesses rule over your strengths.   Can it really be that simple?  The answer is apparently a loud and emphatic YES!

Let’s face it, we are all people, and all people are constructed to have a list of strengths and weaknesses that we are born with.  Everybody is in the same boat.

But not everybody looks at the boat the same way.  There is a clear attitude that those who become successful carry and one that those who fail wear like a badge.   It all comes down to choosing how you are going to look at things.

How to Make Sure You Fail

If I want to make sure that I fail and lack confidence, I will focus on my mistakes, weaknesses and short comings.   These issues become my  focus, rather than looking at them for what they are, learning experiences that allow you to gain valuable information about you, your life and the world around you.

If you waste your time berating yourself for mistakes of the past, you are going to miss the future that is right in front of you.  There are more than enough people out there that will gladly point out your short comings if you listen to them.

If you focus on the fact that yes, that was a mistake, and it wasn’t a pleasant experience, but what exciting opportunities does this present for me?  Then you are on your way to success.  Because it is all just a choice anyway.

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 Look at it. Yes. So. It happened. That’s life. Get over it.

confidence is a choice
Confidence Is A Choice

Things happen to us all.  These experiences are woven into the fabric that is who we are.

Some of these experiences have been great, some have been o.k. and some have been downright awful.  That is the deal with life, it isn’t always going to be perfect, and you are never really in control of any of it.

You are one hundred percent in control of how you react to everything and how you let it affect your life and how you feel about yourself.  Your level of confidence springs from this thought pattern.

When an event occurs you will do well to look at the event and understand it.  You lost a job or a relationship ended, why did it end?

What could you do about it?  Accept it, because it happened.  You can long for the past, or feel sick over the loss, but in the end you are going to end up in the same place, either you are going to choose to accept it and move on with confidence is a choice your life, or not accept it and choose never to be happy or successful again.

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