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challenges_aheadEvery person in the world in the history of mankind has been faced with the fact that life at times is going to be difficult or challenging. It doesn’t matter what skills and tools you possess, Einstein intelligence, classic beauty, superior physical strength, or massive understanding, you are going to at some time find that life is kicking you around like a rag doll. It is natural that your confidence will be shaken. These times are not meant to break you but to strengthen you. The challenge is thing that will cement your confidence in yourself.

It would be nice if life were easy all the time and we had the whole game mastered. Knowing exactly what to do and when. Should I change careers? Is this relationship right for me? Why do I have so many issues and How do I deal with them?  All of these things are a part of the dance that is life. Life is going to give you periods where all is calm and nothing but happy times exist, but there are going to be other times that will not be easy. Challenges will most definitely come. And that is OK.

The challenges and the difficulties that we face in life are the things that are going to force us to stretch and llchagrow in ways that we may never have done before. In fact, without these difficulties in life we probably wouldn’t have the capabilities and talents that we have. Each hurdle that you have to get over is a teaching tool that has been placed in front of you to give you the opportunity to learn, grow and become better than you were before.

When you see a challenge in your life, don’t fear it. Embrace it. The difficulty isn’t going anywhere, and only your attitude and decisions will decide if you learn anything worthwhile or not. It is totally and completely up to you.

Your confidence will grow as you master the lessons that each challenge brings you. The secret as I see it is to appreciate, enjoy and be grateful for the moments that you seem to have everything mastered. Happiness only comes in moments that are happening right now, not in the past or in the future. Now. You can be confident in that.