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We all know the old saying about not being able to teach an old dog new tricks, but I am here to tell you that an old dog may in fact be taught new tricks, sometimes the method of the lesson need to change and the lessons can be learned.

Learning is your responsibility

The ability to learn new things and take in new information is one  of the parts of living life that make things interesting. Show me the man who thinks he knows it all and I will show you a man with no clue about life.

Each day, there are new things to think about, learn about and do that there is no way one person could ever complete, learn or participate in all of the learning opportunities that present themselves. The only thing stopping one person from having more knowledge today than they had yesterday is their own mental limit on that desire. Choosing not to practice home learning.

The curiosity that we all innately experience is usually enough to push us in the direction of learning something new.  All that you need to do is have a thought and expose yourself to new ideas and experiences. The natural growth of the mind will take over from there and personal growth will inevitably occur.

New Ideas Are Everywhere

Follow Your Passion!

If you are looking for a new idea all you have to do is meet a new person, open a new book, read a new article online, or stop at a location you have never been before.

Look at things, and observe their attributes. What questions come to mind?  Being inquisitive is the fuel that will lead you to search for answers.  It is the fire to overcome your ignorance and comfort and reach out to new people and investigate new thoughts.

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