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One of the most valuable skills a person can develop, in my opinion, is that of asking the right questions. It seems like life keeps bringing experiences that we are consciously looking for. The right question can change your focus, target your awareness and bring you answers that one is looking for.

Questions Make Sense of Things

One area that questioning can help in understanding the world is in making sense of things. How many times have we had an experience that was less than pleasant. A loss, a death, an questions 2accident or something else that on the surface is a totally negative experience. And that could be all it is, but when you ask the right question, you find out for sure.  What is good about this situation that I don’t see at first?  What are the benefits that I can’t see right now? How can my life benefit from this situation?

This is not trying to diminish the trauma and pain that life brings you. How can a death and loss of a loved one possibly be good? Well all things have the possibility for good in some way. Perhaps you will appreciate those loved ones still in your life. Maybe you will take the time to let those still living that you care about, how you feel. The relationships in your life may become more precious to you.  Your experience may become more loving, rich and deep because you looked honestly at the benefits of a loss.

Steer Clear of Self Pity

A question will change the focus of your consciousness in whatever direction your questions lead you. So if you are wallowing in self-pity with questions like “Why me?” or “How can this keep happening to me?” then you are going to find the answers why. Which are more than likely not going to provide comfort or growth. Self pity is a negative exercise that brings only negative experiences back to your life. That is Questions_To_-Askbecause all experiences have some value hidden in them and asking a question and thinking about the answer will get you an answer that at the least will show the positive and at best will absolutely enlighten you.

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