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Life has a plan for our lives. That is something that is becoming clearly factual to me. Each of our experiences are brought into our consciousness for a reason and our job is to glean the lesson, understand the content and grow onto the next adventure. The challenge is to be able to get the lesson, not be overwhelmed and lose your way. I am sure there is a path for all of us.

Dreams Gone With Childhood

The journey starts when we are young. People are not complicated at that point, we like to play and do the things that naturally make us happy. Then society takes over by placing their expectations on us and making judgments about the activities that make us happy.  This judgment usually comes in the measure of career prospects of any interest that you have.  “You won’t be able to make a living doing that!”

So we put those things away and think about “realistic” careers we can make money at. So we look for the most obscure connection to anything there is an interest in. I like animals, perhaps I should be a veterinarian? I like athletics, maybe an athletic trainer? Those are fine career choices if your passion is really in that area but often these are goals that we are simply settling for because our real passion is

If you don't nobody else will
If you don’t nobody else will

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