build your own arc
Build your own arc, no matter what anybody says about you or your task. If it is inside your heart, do it.

Reblogged from Mind Connections:

The story of Noah has always seemed a bit peculiar to me. A gentleman decides to build a giant boat on dry land and to put a bunch of animals on board. It made no sense and people generally ridiculed him for being different and having beliefs.

Of course we know how the story ends for Noah, and those who ridiculed him. The value of this story to me is that it teaches a valuable lesson about how we should undertake our own missions in life. Each of us has within us an authentic mission to achieve in our lives. We are going to be required to build our own arcs at some point, doing something that makes no sense to others but makes sense inside of you.

Do What Makes You Happy

Doing something that makes no sense may  be the only way to create a real identity for ourselves in a world that is working hard to force each of us to accept the narrow conformity of what is acceptable behavior.

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