time for change

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Sometimes in life you reach the point where things are not working. Clearly there needs to be a change. The decisions that you make at this moment are going to dictate the path that your life is going to take. Good, bad, successful, right, or wrong all of these adjectives will be applied to your journey depending on the choices that you make at the moment of change. Some people will look at their circumstances and see no choices at all. But there are always choices and they usually triggered by the questions that we ask ourselves moving forward. There has to be a basic belief that life can be something different from what you are experiencing now.

Believe Change is Possible

The first step to initiating change is to believe that it is possible. Many people have been told so many believe in Changelimiting things their entire lives that change seems like a fairytale that is located on the edge of reality. We hear, “You can’t do that.”, “You are wrong for thinking that way.”, “You can’t make a living doing that.”, “Your dreams are unrealistic or impractical.”, or “That is not normal.”.

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