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fear 1“I am afraid. ” There I said it, I admit it. Now  the challenge is for you reading this look at yourself and see how true that statement is for you. Fear is so ingrained in our society that sometimes it is difficult to even recognize it anymore.   If you are like me then it is time for you to get onto common ground with your fear and face up to it. 

What is Fear?

To me, this is the feeling that something or someone is going to cause us harm resulting in pain and/or suffering.  It begins from the time we are small children as adults in our lives try to warn us against the harm the world can cause.  It has its place in the learning curve because otherwise, kids would walk in traffic, set the house on fire and just do all kinds of harmful things.

So what’s the problem, fear becomes more than this. Fear is the root of all evil. All of the negative emotions of the world stem off from fear. Hate, anger, jealousy, judgment all come from fear based beliefs and all cause irreparable pain.

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