How Super Are You?  (Hint:Pretty Super)  Reblogged From HERE

we are all superman
There is a Superman inside each of us

Who hasn’t imagined at some point in their lives that they were a super hero? Of course we all have looked at the super powers of Superman and wondered what life would be like with that power. It is amazing to me that so many people don’t see the powers they possess. Strength, character and a commitment to truth and justice as well.

My fascination with super heroes has been lifelong, but I would never have admitted it, because I never wanted people to know what Clark Kent I really was. Hiding my inner thoughts to avoid being detected by society and putting them at risk of destruction.  There is an easy connection from everyone’s mind to the Superman folk tale, because in one way or another we have all lived it. Yes, we are all Supermen (or women).

Even though we don’t have “super powers” or at least I don’t, there is an inner talent that we are all born with which is unique and totally ours. Read full post on MIND CONNECTIONS