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When you look at your existence what do you feel? Are you located in your body alone, simply taking up the space that you are physically in at the moment? Or are you more than that? Only you can answer this. Do you make yourself small like a pebble or big like the sky. This decision is made each day by all people living all over the world, in all sorts of circumstances.

Life Like A Pebble

Many people would have you believe that you are small, insignificant and not unique in any way. This type of thought is taught in many schools and societies. Be good, follow the rules and manage yourself. Stay within the confines of yourself and don’t branch out in thought or creativity. The purposes of these

Are you living like a pebble? As small as possible but "safe"
Are you living like a pebble? As small as possible but “safe”

limits is wide and varied. The individual teachers and parents might be just doing what they think is right, based on their education. Perhaps they are dealing with their own inadequacies. Seeing someone shining, growing or moving toward great heights is scary.  If one person can do it, so can they and they are not, so what does that say about them.

When it was not ok to be myself, then I pulled myself inside for protection. Like a turtle in its shell. Protect who you are from the ridicule and expectations of society that apparently doesn’t accept your gifts and talents. Better to bury that gift than be destroyed. this leads to us living life in a small way. Hidden behind several masks of false identity that protect us. The problem here besides not truly being yourself is that after a while we accept that this is the way life is and forget the talents and uniqueness that we have inside. We live life in a small way, moving through our days with a quiet gnawing feeling that something isn’t right, but we don’t know what.

Living Like the Sky

Some never experience this. Or life allows them to escape this cycle of smallness. They are able to nurture

Are you living as big as the sky?
Are you living as big as the sky?

this inner talent and instead of pulling it in, they are projecting it out. Out to the world, where others can see it, feel it and know it. The influence of these individuals will grow out to distances that are unfathomable to others, especially those living life like a pebble.  They see the sky and it is so foreign to them that they simply ridicule it, chastise it and move as far away from it as possible.

Yet it shines, because that is what the sky does, in its broad expanse there is nothing but possibility of more and the unique configuration of clouds and either that will never be constructed in the exact same way ever again. This form can only be described as beautiful.

Your Choice Now, Be You

Really in the end, being you is the greatest accomplishment of life
Really in the end, being you is the greatest accomplishment of life

So now it is your choice how to live your life. Live small like a pebble or big like the sky. Hide yourself in protective mode or let yourself expand out into whatever form you will take. In the end you are only yourself and being anything other than that is a lie. I don’t know you but I do know a few things about you. You are unique. You have talent. You can be kind. You can give to others. You are fantastic.

So what is your choice live small like a pebble or live big like the sky?