Connect in real ways
Connect in real ways

We live in a society that has worked hard to build up, maintain and take advantage of our individuality. The truth of our connections is often ignored and in fact, talked about so little that most feel a connection between all people is a fantasy. Yet the connection exists. Put aside the brain washing that society has provided and look for opportunities to connect in real personal ways. See how it feels and then decide if the illusion is individuality or connectivity.

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Suggestions for connecting with others:

Hold hands, have a conversation about love or life, send a note of encouragement, compliment someone sincerely, be kind to a stranger, help someone in simple ways, share something, play a game, go for a walk with someone, start a project, discuss how to make the world a better place, provide hope.  Or any of a million other things that we know are good and will bring connections between people.