Separation Anxiety?

HumanSpirit Radio Network

~ by Sarah McCroskey

Recently I came upon a part within me that surfaces, painfully, from time to time with a nagging refrain, “Maybe I’m doing it wrong” or sometimes more urgently, “I must be doing it wrong!”

Ugh!  Still?  Haven’t I been committed to a path of awakening long enough to be free of that!??  Evidently not, but you know, I’m finding that it’s really okay.  Just another in the series of breadcrumbs or ore realizations, I set out for myself when I concocted this soul-journey, this current incarnational adventure.

Of course it surfaces painfully.  Would I wade in deeply enough to find the treasure within it if I wasn’t viscerally compelled to heal it?

This particular “ouchy” became apparent to me when I was listening to a broadcast on the HumanSpirit Radio Network called Living in Conscious Relationship with host Allan Hardman.  Someone had asked Allan a question…

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