Today, I bruised my coccyx.  No, no, don’t Google it!  The pictures are terrifying and I didn’t do anything so dramatic as the page 1 of images would have you believe.  There’s no harrowing bruises.  Actually, there’s no bruise at all.  They just don’t have an official “slight dinging of your tailbone” check-box on medical forms.

I’ve learned that one of my least favorite children’s stories was completely correct.

You should not jump on the bed.

Especially if by “jump on the bed”, you mean “throw yourself backwards onto a futon that doesn’t have enough mattress to cover all the metal bits”.

I know what you’re thinking:

  1. How could “5 Little Monkeys” be anyone’s least favorite children’s story?  What monkey stories were better?
  2. What’s the difference between a slightly dinged tailbone and a butt bruise?
  3. That’s the most ridiculous injury ever!
  4. A bruised coccyx must make blogging difficult.

All good…

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