Van-GoghNGA-Self-Portrait-Full3I’m kicking #11 off my bucket list tomorrow when I finally get to see Van Gogh’s self-portrait, with my own two eyes.

It never seems to be in art museums around me, no matter where I live.  If it’s in town, I’m not.  Every. Single. Time.  But it’s here now, and the Norton Simon has a free day, and I am going to see it, in person.

For those of you who have never seen a Van Gogh in person, you really must!

When scanned and flattened, though beautiful still, something is lost in translation.  It’s a tiny spark– a kindling, really– that sets a fire of emotion in your heart.  A piece that flattens into a happy bright field of flowers will make you want to cry when you see it in person.  Other pieces look remorseful and dark on the internet, but in person… they fill you with…

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